Our Battleground

From a soulfulness and a spiritual healing place, I can honestly say that every aspect of my battleground has provided hidden blessings and contributed in a positive way to who I am now and to who I am becoming. In reference to the battleground, do we just wish and dream--then wait for our wishes to be granted?

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Radical Approach to Forgiveness

Refusing to forgive carries with it a heavy emotional cost and we do want to manifest a life worth living. However, if our mind keeps wandering - even subtly - into shame, or blame of others, "life," or even ourselves, then manifesting our personal goals becomes next to impossible…

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Give It A Go To Authentic Voice

Just think about how our life would turn out if we scale the wall of self-doubt,  let go of false ideas and give it a go to our authentic voice.  There's no reason to "think" about it. Just step forward to connect with the deepest part of our authentic 'Self'.

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Windsor Lindor