Our Battleground


From a soulfulness and a spiritual healing place, I can honestly say that every aspect of my battleground has provided hidden blessings and contributed in a positive way to who I am now and to who I am becoming. In reference to the battleground, do we just wish and dream--then wait for our wishes to be granted? Are we just treading water? Or, are we diving into life, creating clear expectations for what we want-- then executing beyond expectations? Truthfully, which is it? True, this is our life, our choice, our explanations, assumptions and judgments mediate how we relate to any given situation on our battleground.

Amid our battleground, one thing is for sure, at every point we have an opportunity to seek a new course where we can choose to meet our authentic selves and dispel all the images of who we think we are and let go of the past. We will never happen again on the battleground. We cannot change the inevitable. However, the remarkable thing is we can come out of the isolation of our individual 'Self' trance, journey through the traps of the ego into the unfamiliarity of our battleground, go beyond our old mechanical patterns and choose consciously to take actions that will lead us to realize our greatest aspirations. If not, we will commit slow-motion suicide dying a little inside each day on the battleground.

If we have been praying for an answer to the life-changing questions we face, praying for fulfilling relationships, praying for abundance, prosperity and enrich personal, professional and spiritual life. Praying for the vision necessary to take our success up to the next level. We may also want to stop paying lip-service to our commitment, put away all excuses, old stories, stop trying to conform to our ego and look into reclaiming our inner territory and improving our effectiveness.

On the battleground, the sweet whisper of optimism reminds us to narrow our life down to the now and enlarge our frames of belonging—not to settle for a false shelter that does not serve our ability to do more than dreaming or yearning. That is, if our dreams are to be fulfilled on the battleground, we must step into the unfamiliarity and get the tools we need to replace limiting beliefs with things that are more conducive to breaking through to our success. A call for us to create clear expectations for what we want, find the courage to persevere and execute beyond expectations.

I also believe for us to achieve the consistent results we demand on the battleground, we must choose to raise our awareness and move our opportunities beyond the 'talk' and into our life by finding the resolve and transcend our limited belief systems with its limitations to improve our sense of purpose. As a result, we will actively emerge into the 'Enlightened Self' by working our way out of the safety of the cocoon, reject mediocrity, approach the battleground from a soulfulness attitude, and have a clearly defined purpose for which we can achieve the consistent results we demand on the battleground.

It is certain during this moment is to remember for difficulties on the battleground do not come to destroy us, but to help us realize our hidden potential and our power to cut away at the cocoon that we have built around ourselves. A call for us to have clear/tangible goals and make rock-solid plans for their achievement through our commitment to celebrating transformational change as an inevitable part of our battleground. 

Written By: Windsor Lindor © 2018