Becoming Stress Resilient

The Path to Bringing Intelligence to your Body and Mind

Becoming Stress Resilient (Creating Balance) - The program  brings together both the holistic and the practical approaches ("Co-Active Model") to a mind/body/spirit approach as an effective way to manage stress and anxiety. It also has practical strategies to relieve stress and gain a sense of inner peace.

Whether you’re managing your stress, health or looking to take a proactive approach to staying healthy Windsor would be honored to be your partner on your journey to total well-being - body, mind and spirit. Complete the short form below to signup for free program updates and learn about the upcoming events.

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The program emphasizes a balanced lifestyle approach, which takes into account physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health issues. When you finish the program as you practice the detail strategies during our event series, you will:

  1. Understand the mind/body/spirit stress relationship.
  2. Recognize your unique stressors and how you react to them.
  3. Learn techniques that mediate the experience of stress and also reduce and reverse its negative effects.
  4. Open yourself to experiencing better health and more inner peace.

Be Extraordinary

 Windsor Lindor, Executive-Life Coach

Windsor Lindor, Executive-Life Coach

Windsor Lindor brings more than 20 years of experience in life management and consulting. He is a nationally-acclaimed Executive-Life Coach, Project Manager and Business Consultant. His passion includes guiding and coaching men and women through different tactics to deal with their everyday struggles. He also brings them to a place where they can ACKNOWLEDGE and EMBRACE the best of who they are in MIND, BODY AND SPIRIT. The impetus for his work on stress came from his leadership training, his own experience of healing from stress-related thoughts, emotions and meditation. They deeply reflect his approach to his own life and to his work as a successful entrepreneur and an Executive Life Coach.