The Journey to our Personal Freedom


Fighting for our personal freedom is not the same as living a life worth living. Look at our personal freedom, our purpose, our performance, our life and its events. The events of our life come and go and how well we learn to let go of what was and move on with what is, has a huge impact on our personal freedom. It is a significant determinant of our success in cutting away at the cocoon of our limited beliefs, setting goals that are aligned with what we value most and develop high emotional intelligence quotient (EQ).

I believe profoundly a human being at birth is a complex collection of potential characteristics. Because of this, each of us has a desire to eliminate what is holding us back from accessing the inner perfect source and be a master in the art of self-disclosure. The caterpillar commences to cut away at the cocoon that it has built around itself, it cannot begin its transformation and experience its journey as a beautiful butterfly. The cocoon is the limited beliefs with which we surround ourselves

The start of the journey to our personal freedom cannot take place until we commit to act from the awareness that we are 100% the source of our reality and do the work that will cut away at the cocoon that we have built around ourselves.  This is not glamorous work. It takes want, will and it demands we resolve our emotional baggage, find the means to raise our awareness to a higher level and create something that gives us purpose and meaning.

How? By opening the sail of our personal freedom and journey to the highest possible emotional quality of life, a life worth living. Sailing in our journey to personal freedom is like getting into a very small boat and setting out on the ocean to search for unknown lands. The trick is not to bail out, but to listen to the melodious voice of freedom, keep exploring and positioning ourselves to reclaim our inner territory and COMMIT to getting into the mindset of BEING and DOING.

True, the aptitudes we need to succeed in our journey start with intellectual horsepower and yes, expertise is a threshold requirement. However, the abilities that distinguish the extraordinary human beings are not their level of expertise, but rather how they relate with others, turn obstacles into opportunities, engage their maximum intelligence and emotional wisdom through choices that elevate them both mentally and physically to conquer the journey.  The moths of time eat away the fabric of our life unless we take purposeful action and choose the pathway to our personal freedom.

A call for us to move inside to a space of inner silence and stillness. It is a nourishing and melodious voice of freedom calling us to win the war that is raging inside our mind.  Silently trust our inner wisdom (the quiet voice of courage) to a journey that will propel us toward a new lease on life and declare our personal freedom. At the edge of our journey, we will find ourselves, human beings grounded in our own ’Light’ and beings who discover the unending gifts that life offers. Beings who rediscover not only our personal freedom but also fulfillment, prosperity, abundance, grace and peace in our heart.  

Our Personal Freedom Awaits - Think of ourselves as the majority shareholder in our lives, dare to discover the steps necessary to find the courage to transform our lives and declare our personal freedom.

Written By: Windsor Lindor © 2018