Being Extraordinary


It is so easy to lock our mind onto old stories, sit on the fence of indecision awaiting the courage to let go of the past and limited beliefs, rather than being extraordinary by giving ourselves PERMISSION to eliminate the diversions that are keeping us away from taking action that is alive, effective and empowered. Being extraordinary and reaching our potential take purposeful action by us and it is like this, we live a life that is authentically ours, achieve our personal goals and bring to the surface life’s rich abundance that is so often invisible to us.

However, knowing words and what to do are entirely different than taking purposeful action through excellence. It is also true, uncommitted and unfocused equals a life that simply doesn't matter. The question remains, do we want to move our objectives forward and live a life worth living? If the answer is yes, we absolutely want to be mature and functional human beings. We all have challenges, but our ability to put our past failure on ICE and individual responses to our responsibilities determines if we become puppets manipulated by outside powerful forces, or mature and powerful managers of our life.

Yes, this will require a point of departure, the commitment to have a tangible written plan with SMART goals, pointing us forward in each major area of our life. I believe the human life is like a journey with a destination, a stage play that follows a script and a house built with a plan. A systematic approach that helps us through IMAGINATION, CLARIFICATION, EVALUATION and DETERMINATION (ICE) to map out a course for our life and the initial sequence by which creating abundance, prosperity and fulfillment become real.

An approach that removes the in-consistence in what we believe, the way we think, and ultimately in our behavior. This in-consistence creates conflicts that confuse us and keep us from becoming the person we want to become and live a life worth living, an amazing life (Living Purposefully). It starts with:

  1. Exploring what gives our life meaning and having a major insight into our vision.
  2. Expanding our principles and practices so that they serve a greater purpose.
  3. Setting clear intentions and having a strong vessel sailing in a direction we have chosen.
  4. Taking 100% responsibility for our life and having a purpose each day.
  5. Being emotional intelligent, building our confidence and cultivating a soulfulness attitude.
  6. Being stress resilient, laughing at life and giving ourselves a break.
  7. Examining long-term goals, daily plans and asking for help.
  8. Engaging in mentorship and keeping a leadership journal.
  9. Cultivating the power of sharing and giving.
  10. Doing the work and opening the sail of our personal growth on purpose to a life worth living.

We may also want to fan the ashes of lifeless hope, embrace our passions, view the component parts of our life and put them into a clearly laid-out plan. A plan that will draw from our personal strengths and powerful pictures for maximum personal/professional growth and goal achievement by helping us to develop our core values, decide on our SMART goals and make them powerful.

Our Life. There is always a seed of good, find it and prosper. Our choice to shift our limiting beliefs, conceive of a legitimate purpose in our heart and set out to accomplish it. Our reason for discovering our individual way that leads to making our individual purpose the centralizing point of our thoughts, living a life worth living and being extraordinary.

Written By: Windsor Lindor © 2018