In The Warmth


Our spring season is here. It's bursting with Life. It stretches before us--and we have the opportunity to come out of the isolation of our individual 'Self' trance and journey through the traps of the ego into giving up all the reasons why we cannot tap into our unlimited capacity to bring new dimensions of fulfillment, prosperity and abundance into our life.


It is also true, personal winters can be very difficult to bear and dreary. It is easy to lose our warmth of the heart during the winter moment. However, winter always precedes spring and every living thing must pass through a winter to enter spring. Good News and springtime is here. It is overflowing with possibilities. Flowers are blooming, skies are turning blue, warm days are emerging and birds are singing. A call for us to allow nothing to rob us of becoming the humans who can choose to condition the mind to be receptive to a heart at peace.


In the warmth of spring, notice beneath the surface of our ego's limitless cravings, our authentic desires are waiting patiently for each one of us to acknowledge, claim and express them. Our nature pushes against us demanding transformational change and not to do so authentically, our personal winters will remain and life will be unfulfilled. A call for us to evoke our passion and effort to remove negative beliefs and free our mind in order to eliminate the diversions that are keeping us from making this season OUR best season ever by taking constructive energetic actions to renew our sense of purpose.

In the warmth, an inner revolution is taking place, an invitation to leave the ghost of our personal winters behind and approach our journey from a soulfulness attitude. In the warmth of spring, we are called to find a rhythm of thinking which reflects and articulates the uniqueness of our life purpose. How?

  1. Dare to take 100% responsibility for our life and do the work that needs to be done in order to live a life of substance with clearer values.
  2. Transform our ego based system to one in which we can choose our pathway to develop emotional intelligence.
  3. Be defiance and decisive in exploring why we were put on this planet, attain our highest goals and live the life we want.

Written By: Windsor Lindor © 2018