This Journey


It can be painful to get started in bringing ourselves to a place where we can live a brand-new life throughout our human journey.  It is also true, the human journey is very messy, tangled, with many obstacles to overcome and we experience emotional pains. However, the question remains, how can life ever be new unless we embrace the objective reality and learn to live?  This is where we are called to build ourselves an arch of courage in the midst of all our emotional pains and kindly realize that these problems are not separate from us. They are our own body, feelings, and mind, which are interconnected with everything else in our world.

This understanding will enable us to get the tools we need to transform ourselves and take the road toward actually eliminating the diversions that are keeping us from being in alignment with our true destiny, our individual life purpose. The 'Sweet Whisper of Optimism' offers us the courage to conquer all our emotional pains through the will of our audacity and purposeful spirit. There, we will allow ourselves to see clearly our life experience in relation to everything else. It is through the objective reality and this kind of insight that we can lift ourselves out of ignorance and invest in ourselves to discover our birthright (our life purpose) and be receptive to personal development, wealth mastery, prosperity, and fulfillment.

The objective reality and learning to live suggests that we understand our life purpose and determine what we are here to do. However, we must engage that role purposefully with passion and enthusiasm, our life purpose to its fullest with fulfillment, efficiency, and effectiveness. Pursuing and living our life purpose will bring us back to who we are, have always been and will always be. The reason for this journey is a personal thing. It is a process. It is work, it is taking 100% responsibility for our own personal development.  Finding life purpose is more a journey than a one-time stop.

  1. Are we tripping over fears about what it would mean to break through our barriers to a life of fulfillment? Or,
  2. Are we choosing to give our life purpose a thought through transformational change?  

Through responsible choice, if we choose to sift through all the nonsense we were taught, embrace objective reality, live our life purpose, consciously cultivate/nourish the needs of our soul and approach our human-journey from a soulfulness attitude, we will see beyond the emotional pains and discover a way that will lead us to find limitless possibilities.  Throughout this short journey, living our life purpose is considered an emotional and intellectual transformation during which we must focus on making great efforts to develop our emotional intelligence and our intellect.

The remarkable thing is we are worthy, experts of our own individual life and it is our responsibility to find our life purpose.  If we are wise, we will choose to gain some clarity about what our life purpose is and accrue the benefits of that knowledge. No question, this will require volition, determination, discipline, resolve, commitment and willpower to hunt it down, take hold of it and make it a reality. Challenging, but not impossible and through personal accountability, we can and move our reason forward and find limitless possibilities in this journey.

A call for us to be fearless, determine what we are here to do and take bold actions. Actions that propel us on the path to eliminating the distractions and diversions that have been keeping us from living each day as a testament to what we are on earth to accomplish. Living the life we want, a life worth living.


Written By: Windsor Lindor © 2018