Your Beliefs

  1. How would you know if your current life was not designed by someone else for you or expected of you?  
  2. How do your beliefs affect your everyday life?
  3. How would you know if you have adopted limited beliefs  of which you are not consciously aware?

Your beliefs are intricately wired into the unconscious, acting as templates for your life experience and now, consider the following; efforts to change and heal filter through this template. This focused energy collides with limited beliefs, activating them like a time capsule. This affects the outcome of your actions.

When you blindly accepted beliefs from other people when you were young without anyway to objectively analyze them, it was like you were logging on the web without anti-virus software, clicking on every pop-up believing the ads. Can you imagine running a business on such a computer? It would be impossible and that is why there are anti-virus software network security programs to protect computers. Now, imagine one of these computers also having self-awareness and being able to make decisions and choose for itself.  What do you think would eventually happen to this computer?  It would overload, gray screen and shutdown. Well, this is what happens when you feel overwhelmed by “life’s” problems.

Instead of accepting results you do not want created by beliefs you did not choose, you can consciously choose more resourceful beliefs. In doing so, you can create whatever results you want in life by installing a new belief by becoming a watcher or mindful of your thoughts.  Why? Because they are the blueprint for your reality. If you knew that, would you deliberately accept limiting beliefs?

To that end, what you are was designed and built by your thoughts and your mind.  That is, you are only overwhelmed by your problems because you see your problems as being bigger than you are. Now, by removing that belief then you would not feel overwhelmed by them anymore. That is why removing this one belief can significantly improve your life, especially if you tend to define yourself through your life challenges.
Same as the fear that it isn’t the cellular fear. That is you are holding a judgment, opinion or a label about someone else, yourself, or a situation from a limited belief. You are holding a fixed thought or a limited belief in mind about a subject that you accept as reality and then react to. And this you can change in order to make this a Life of Far Greater SUCCESS.   

Written By: Windsor Lindor © 2018