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The real-world approach to emotional intelligence. 

Call (831) 324-46-53, if you have had enough of the way things have been for you and you are committed to receive the tools you need to improve your ability to climb through adversity, raise your Emotional Intelligence and gain enthusiasm for life.


Emotional Intelligence (EI)

Authentic. Balanced. Practical. Fulfillment. Heart at Peace.

Life Development EI

  1. If you want to start the process of being in charge of your own feelings, living more creatively and achieving an abundant life that more closely reflects who you really are or want to be. The Life Development EI training program will provide you the tools you need to improve your ability to climb through adversity, raise your Emotional Intelligence and gain enthusiasm for life.
  2. If it is difficult for you to turn obstacles into opportunities and you stop short before you have tested your limits and contributed your utmost. The Life Development EI training program will provide you the tools for strengthening your fortitude and resuming the climb and breaking through to your success.
  3. If you are the kind of person who somehow finds a way to continue where no possibility of success appears to exist. This program is a vital resource to fuel even greater success and substantially strengthen your resilience.

The Life Development EI training program builds upon three major sciences: cognitive psychology, psychoneuroimmunology and neurophysiology. The program embodies two essential components of any practical concept---scientific theory and real-world/practical application.

Increasing awareness of how emotions influence decision-making

The Most Important Factor in Achieving Your Success – The benefits of signing up for the Life Development EI and working on your EQ (Emotional Intelligent Quotient) are as follows:

  1. Being emotionally intelligent will make you a greater leader and your personal relationships will improve.  You will be a more desirable romantic partner. You will improve your relationship with your friends and family members. You will even become more in-demand as a business partner and colleague.
  2. You will be able to handle setbacks with greater ease. You will become confident that your strongest emotions need not set you back or consume hours of your time. This enables you to live a life of fulfillment and with a heart at peace.
  3. You will have a greater chance at earning more money, become stress resilient and be healthier.
  4. You will open yourself up to transformational changes, appreciate your humanness and boost your self-esteem.

An Introduction to Emotional Intelligence TeleSeminar Series

Turning Obstacles Into Opportunities

The concept of emotional intelligence has been signaled by many as the secret, impalpable key to prosperity, fulfillment and authentic success. However as emotional intelligence has increased in status, it is also become widely misconstrued—and rejected. Within the Life Development training program, Windsor Lindor takes a long, hard look at the myths and criticisms surrounding emotional intelligence. Windsor Lindor shares fascinating research, modern examples, and personal stories that illustrate how Emotional Intelligence works—and doesn't work—in the real world. Building on this foundation, Windsor Lindor provides a practical and effective set of tools to help you monitor your own and others’ feelings and emotions, to discriminate among them and to use this information to guide your thinking and actions. Windsor will also provide you insights that will help you to think differently and communicate with impact.


Why Windsor?  Windsor will show you how you can build on your values, and hone your leadership capabilities and help you to locate suppressed emotional charges from childhood and release them.

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