Give It A Go To Authentic Voice


Problems arise throughout our journey when we do not live our authentic lives. We often find ourselves completely lost in our carefully crafted lifestyle designed by others rather than living a life that represents our authentic ‘Self’.
These problems also arise when we forfeit our vitality and lose touch with our authentic voice. I believe profoundly our reason for existence is to live a life worth living. This to me is a call for us to know why we are here and what we want our life to stand for. It is also true, at times—most of us may find ourselves making choices that are not true to our authentic voice. We lose ourselves to the part of us that is judgmental, critical and fearful. We do this because we are unaware of the difference between the two, unaware of the costs to others, and ourselves and perhaps afraid of the consequences. 

With this in mind, our birthright is one of passion-filled purpose and purpose-filled prosperity. We are quite capable of devoting ourselves to live a valued life, establish our authentic voice and take 100% responsibility to let go of limited beliefs. Just think about how our life would turn out if we scale the wall of self-doubt,  let go of false ideas and give it a go to our authentic voice. 

There's no reason to "think" about it. Just step forward to connect with the deepest part of our authentic 'Self'. An opportunity for us to engage our true potential and live a worthy life. A life where we establish our authentic voice and use our natural talents, our skills and our energy in the service of what matters most to each one of us.
No question, it will come down to identifying exactly what's holding us back from freeing ourselves to the judgments given to us from birth and establishing an authentic voice. However, we cannot establish our authentic voice consciously in submission, doing what we are told--nor, in rebellion, not doing what we are told.

As we become conscious of our core values, we become able to experience consciously the forces within us that compete for expression, which lay claim to the single intention that will be ours at each moment that will shape our reality. When we enter these dynamics consciously, we create for our ‘Self’ the ability to choose consciously among the forces within us, to choose where and how we will focus our energy.

The choice not to choose is the choice to lose touch with our authentic voice, remain shackle of our past, uncon­scious and, therefore, to wield power irresponsibly. A call to have a strong vessel sailing in the direction of the life we want.


How? By opening the sail of our personal development, connect with our authentic ‘Self’, be in compliance with the features of emotional intelligence and our core values.

Why? Because being true to our ‘Self’ is the only way to make everything we do meaningful, live in this world and be content, fulfilled and at peace.  A commitment to be 100% responsible for our life, face forward into authentic interaction, and look inward to what we really desire, to what truly fulfills us and to a life that is a bit more peaceful—a bit more introspective, a life worth living.

Becoming The Mental Architect of Our Own Personal Transformation.

Written By: Windsor Lindor © 2018

Windsor Lindor