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I am called Windsor Lindor. I am a dynamic stream of experiences that are alive in every moment as I let my ‘Self’ happen in the theaters of my heart and mind. I have discovered that I am more than mere clay and this excavation has no end…

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Who are we becoming?

Who says we cannot become the writers, directors and producers of our life to transform it for the better? I submit who we were makes no difference when we stop creating false limitations for ourselves. Who are we becoming?

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Your Best Year Ever

There's something about the start of a whole new year that provides the experience of a "clean sheet"-the freedom to leave behind what 'has been' and genuinely start ANEW from a FRESH frame of mind. So the question is: Standing on life's stage: Who will YOU show up as in the New Year?

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Resolution Revolution

Whatever failures you have had in the past do not need to be with you one day longer. An inner revolution is taking place and you are called to find the life underneath your life situation and train your mind to think in a new way, a way that leads you to a resolution revolution...

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