What if failure was not an option? 2.0


A failure is in the past. It’s done and over. Worrying about “what might be if…” or “what might have been if we had…” are pieces of baggage we carry around daily. They are heavy, and they will use fear to kill our creative spirit. They will turn our dream of success into a chilling nightmare that haunts us into paralysis. They are thoughts we think. If we are facing fear and it is not the cellular fear, we are holding a fixed thought, FEAR of failure, or the FEAR of the future in mind about a subject that we accept as reality and then reacting to it.  We are allowing that fixed thought to clash with our soul’s natural desire to make conscious decisions, those that will lead us toward being the fearless individual our heart of hearts has called us to be.

Do not let this fixed thought dominate our life. A call to open the prison door of fear, stop the traits of the ego, find the concealed door to self-empowerment and choose a soulfulness attitude that will steer us to develop flexibility of mind which admits the sunlight of our authentic selves to the darker corners of our mind. The power to do this work is not with fear but with expectancy, not by duress but with conviction, not through mediocrity but through excellence, not through compulsion but in a state of conscious recognition and receptivity. This work will also call for us to become masterful human beings and emerge into the 'Enlightened Self' by working our way out of the safety of the cocoon of our beliefs and escaping the confinement of limitations.

The question remains, what if 'failure' was not an option?  Well, to start, failure is a concept that only exists in our ego’s mind. Our ego operates in the emotional comfort zone of our mind and will do anything in its power to keep us there.  It is that little voice in the back of our head giving us all the reasons why we shouldn’t do this or try that. If our ego would have a favorite slogan, it would probably be “Playing It Safe.” It has also been proven that efforts to overcome the fear of failure filter through our belief system. This focused energy collides with false beliefs and affects the outcome of our actions. So, it is crucial that we build our confidence and identify any beliefs that create fear and could steer us away from becoming masterful human beings. Nevertheless, make no mistake, the process of emerging into the 'Enlightened Self' requires our dedication and personal commitment to roll up our sleeves and do the work that needs to be done to change (transformational change) the state we are in.

This is the moment we start questioning the integrity of our beliefs and know that transformational change is our destiny to genuinely attain the life we want. We must realize that to stay on the beam of transformational change and overcome the fear of failure requires vigilance and penetrating self-awareness to keep the characters of our ego-self at bay or under control. We must become functional human beings by taking 100% responsibility for everything that we experience in our lives, maintaining within a place of Emotional Intelligence and becoming the architect of our own personal transformational change. These constitute our self-connectedness and we will become alive and awake. We will deal with things as they are.  A new way of behaving must be sought as well. The new way will require our imagination from an unconditioned place. It will demand that we look at other possibilities and other perspectives.

What if 'failure' was not an option?  No matter what our answers are, this one thing is for sure, if we find ourselves in conflict with failure and fear, we may want to do the work that will transform our lives through commitment, volition and resolve. The cost to us for choosing to be fearless will be our courage to discover how not to wait and to get started with the steps to bring ourselves into a place where we can recommit to be fearless and acquire a different perspective on life with the companions of excellence in action, mindfulness, awareness, and purpose throughout our days. It is for certain something will shift in us. We will embrace our given ability of an expanded positive attitude as beautiful human beings and this is where we begin to get beyond that terrible fear of failure that feels so all-consuming.

Written By: Windsor Lindor © 2018