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In Gratitude to Women

This year, this month, this week, today and each day, I will take time to pause and thank the women in my life for mirroring commitment, responsibility, great love, tenacity, courage, intelligence, excellence, purpose, self-reliance, self-care and creativity.

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Each day is a wonderfully inspiring moment to recognize, in gratitude, the magnificence of soulful-love that is within you in order to bring all of the elements of your true spirit together to support more Openness, Joy, Grace, Prosperity...

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Creating Fulfilling Relationship

Fulfilling relationship calls for us to let go of limited beliefs... As we become more aware of the feelings, thoughts and beliefs that prevent us from taking enhancing actions for our fulfilling relationship, we will realize what we need to do individually. The unsolved mystery in creating fulfilling relationship is finding trust to...

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Experiencing Greater Love

When the experience of greater love is present, we feel loved. We are happy, alive and free. We feel good about ourselves and good about life. We are confident, creative and very resourceful. We have the sense of purpose and the optimistic ATTITUDE necessary to grow...

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