Each day is a wonderfully inspiring moment to recognize, in gratitude, the magnificence of soulful-love that is within you in order to bring all of the elements of your true spirit together to support more Openness, Joy, Grace, Prosperity, Fulfillment and Divine Abundance.  A call to accept something more in grace. Something with eternal dimensions and incredible proportions. Something that will allow you to unleash your creativity. Something that will bring you to the highest possible emotional quality of life. Something that will gently cut away at the cocoon that you have built around yourself. The cocoon is all of those limiting beliefs that you surround yourself with as you grow and in time, they (limiting beliefs) will bring darkness.  
This darkness has also a purpose. An invitation to be in the darkness and focus on that single flame of Truth. Be with it rather than trying to avoid it. For it will sharpen your senses (focus and awareness). In the darkness, you will actually find no distractions and there is where you will actually see the light that is within. You will be tasked to turn off all the candles (limited beliefs given to you by men and women of the world or made-up beliefs) and from your own darkness switch on the light within, and find the divine path that was designed for you from the beginning. Yes, that light is provided to you unconditionally and it is soulful-love. That light grows into wisdom and revelation within. Do not attempt to eradicate something that you cannot see by surrounding yourself with the past and external distractions.
Be confident in the light. Sooner or later, you will discover these other lights are simply distractions and mirages that are created by men and women who want to confuse and keep you away from the ONE truth, soulful-love. Stop to think about soulful-love and its power for a moment; it is a choice and it is developed through the implementation of a caring decision that leads you from dependence and obsession into interdependence and truth. It is your 'soul' and it serves to develop your Character. Its power is the state of being that you know from the time of your birth. It is a state of being that you recognize as your true ‘Self’ – who you deeply are. It is INVOLVEMENT. It is COMMITMENT. It is not momentary. It has roots. It is FOREVER. It IS a LIFELONG INVOLVEMENT. Soulful-love cannot be avoided. If you avoid it, you have avoided the greatest opportunity to grow. When you serve as a channel through which the power of soulful-love will flow, you will open continuously to the truth of your actual experience.  

Soulful-love is constantly developing and deepening. Expansion is its very nature. It is unselfish, understanding and kind, for it sees with the heart and not with the mind. Soulful-love is also an entity unto itself, in the respect that it is always there and never changes, because it cannot change. It is a commitment to working toward attaining the life of your dreams, one that binds achievement and fulfillment into one powerful force. It will heal and lead you out into the pasture of possibility. It will hold you in the flow of that which will be alive. It will maintain you in the readiness to connect with others in all possible 'unfoldings'. It will enhance you, make you more by helping you grow, connect you, and break down barriers.
The foundation of soulful-love is more than a feeling. It is an action from a spiritual centered place. It flows directly into the heart from the ultimate source of all. This is an absolute love - pure, unconditional openness and warmth - which actually abides at the very core of your nature. Soulful-love is your 'soul' and it has no conditions. It only has itself. It asks for nothing but to know that during the times when you are consumed by darkness and your fears, you can reach into your sacred space and it will take you to the higher levels of consciousness. However, you will be called to stop waiting, hoping and wishing that things will change. The only way for you to be receptive to soulful-love is to drop the weight of useless, ready-made roles and routines which set the frame of your possibilities.
You will also be tasked to take personal accountability for your own connection to the ultimate Source, your root of happiness and joy. And the only place you can connect with the Source is within your own being. For soulful-love never sleeps. The same deep nature is within you and its purpose is to enhance you, help you grow, connect you and break down barriers. Once you embrace soulful-love, you feel and see its reflection everywhere and in everyone, whether someone else is directing attention toward you or not.

Through soulful-love you obtain Truth, Humility, Forgiveness, Gratefulness, Peace, Happiness, Patience, Self-Control, Understanding and Wisdom, none of which are independent of any of the others. All of these things are a part of soulful-love. If one of these parts is missing, it is not soulful-love, but a false imitation developed and learned through the ego mind. An opportunity for you to find a rhythm of thinking which reflects and articulates the uniqueness of your soul by:

  1. Breaking out of the prison of negative self-criticism.
  2. Acknowledging that there is a depth of presence in every woman, man, boy and girl that should never be reduced in order to satisfy your own needs.
  3. Transforming your ego based system and attitude to one in which you can choose your pathway to develop Emotional Intelligence and experience intimacy.
  4. Eliminating the distractions and diversions that have been keeping you from connecting and experiencing who you are authentically in order to experience GREATER LOVE AND HARMONY.
  5. Becoming the human being who chooses to live life fully with a commitment NOT to be asleep to your true divine nature.
  6. Engaging life in a reverential way by maintaining a sense of proportion, balance.
  7. Realizing that you are not ruined or defective goods and, you are in line and connected with the power of soulful-love; you understand your role and responsibility to take the path to healing relationships.

Written By: Windsor Lindor © 2017