Creating Abundance

entrepreneurial Mindset Training

At the end of your Creating Abundance coaching program and entrepreneurial mindset training, you will develop creative capacity, entrepreneurial confidence, courage to preserver and acquire the necessary skills to break through your barriers to an abundant lifestyle by:

Successful Entrepreneurs

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  1. Making conscious decisions, those that will lead you toward transforming your visions into something PHYSICAL.

  2. Improving your decision making, maximizing your information and optimizing your choices.

  3. Identifying and successfully evaluating business opportunities.

  4. Learning business model development to create a working foundation for your company.

  5. Creating an innovative team and becoming a thought-provoking leader.

  6. Gaining a successful business/life plan and creating effective strategies for success.

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Be Extraordinary - Gaining a 'Clear Life Plan' as an entrepreneur!

Your first step towards breaking through your barriers to an abundant lifestyle as an entrepreneur.

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October 21, 2018 - Workshop - How to Get What You Want - Gaining a Clear Life Plan  <Learn More>

Life Development

Windsor Lindor offers an hourly rate or a flat fee for his services. He also knows, creating an EMPOWERING ROLE for yourself in your business—one that will make you fully responsible for gaining a clear business/life plan, achieving your success, goal or aspiration—you will remain powerless, on the outside looking in. That is why, he offers a thirty-five minute complimentary consultation.


Windsor Lindor offers transformational and business coaching designed to provide entrepreneurs and business owners the skills they need to navigate through the ups and downs of their business to attain success in the end. He also provides the entrepreneurial mindset and provides hands-on training in high impact entrepreneurship.