Nurturing Life


A nurturing life is an art. It involves deliberately investing in your ‘Self’, usually far more than you have done before or think you need, deserve or should. It begins as an approach that can open your heart to another path of accepting who you are. It is being true to your innate dignity and beauty. It is an approach that can open you to another way of living altogether. It is a willingness to take risk. It is going after your dreams and fanciful thinking. It is self-care. Others will sneer, and try to dress you up in their own negative self-image, calling you self-indulgent, hinting that you are not good enough to embrace self-care. Clearly, you do not need to hide in the neurotic comfort of another’s projection.

In order to create a nurturing life, you have got to go for it—give it your best and make it happen. It is also essential to have a strong sense of mindfulness. Nurturing is an action and attitude.  Nurturing gives. Nurturing is soulful love and it is a way of being. I believe with nurturing, life becomes more than roles. It becomes a mixture of compassion awareness, love, acceptance, honest caring and courage to dissolve compartments.
With nurturing, you will forgive the pain that thorns your heart and celebrate self-care as an inevitable part of your freedom to be Fully Human. You serve as a channel through which authenticity, compassion, grace, kindness, self-care and unconditional love flow. Nurturing will help you understand your ‘Self’ in relation to all that is within and around your world. You will have the ability to act and the responsibility to move beyond your old limits, make new choices, and take new actions to live a life of substance with clearer values.

When your life awakens to you as the person who is responsible for your life, you begin to sense the destiny that brought you to this moment. You endeavor to live a brand new life that is generous and worthy to your own spiritual journey.  A nurturing life through this earth journey involves deep personal trust in the inherent rightness of your humanness and your natural intelligence. It embraces your broken human wholeness, and consciously stops attempting to synchronize with perfection. You come to really know that even mistakes, even breakdowns, are preferable to artificial behavior. You know the importance of openness. You will positively change how you speak and care for others.
No question about it, this will require you to incorporate mindfulness into your performance and start taking inspired steps towards enhancing your capacity to confront the status quo of your own fear. You will love this method because it is about taking 100% responsibility and stepping into the infinite possibilities of your life. A new experience of intelligence, purpose and the road to a nurturing life. Mindfulness also plays a critical role to the success of becoming the mental architect of your own personal transformation. It is the influence within that helps you to look deeply at your beliefs, thoughts, feelings, emotions, perceptions and all that is around your human journey.  It is through this kind of insight that you can become Accountable, Completion-Driven, Tenacious, Adventurous and Bold to take inspired steps to nurture the seeds that lie deep in the soil of your conscious mind so that they can mature into the transformative energies of intelligence and purpose.
Choose a nurturing life in order to experience a deeper connection with your authentic ‘Self’ and embrace the greatness that exists within your being. A call for you to learn the language of letting go and the courage to discover how to pull that greatness out of your ‘Self’ and use it to get you from where you are now--to a nurturing life. 

Written By: Windsor Lindor © 2017