Mindfulness in Action


Becoming the mental architect of our own personal transformation involves deliberately investing in ourselves and procuring a strong sense of mindfulness in order to create the life and experiences we desire. It is also the guide that will help us on the path to understanding and overcoming our challenges with living a more fulfilling, loving, prosperous, abundant and balanced life through mindfulness in action.  
Mindfulness in action is not just a catch-phrase. It is the catalyst to expand our awareness and closely observe the interrelationship of all that is in and around us. It helps us to be in touch with the wonders of life, which are here and now. Our heart opens and is immersed in the present moment, so that we can understand its true nature. There we will start the journey of being fully alive by embracing the fact that the results of our life flow from a whole variety of internal mental filters, processes and strategies. It is the path to actually eliminating the diversions that are keeping us from having a major insight into the blueprint for the successful life that we deserve. It is the influence within that helps us to look deeply at our beliefs, thoughts, feelings, emotions and perceptions.

It is through this kind of insight that we can individually take inspired steps towards transforming our life to a new experience of intelligence, purpose and breaking through to our success on purpose. Without mindfulness in action, we will always be struggling against something. With it, we are at liberty to see clearly our life experience in relation to everything else. It is through this kind of insight that we can lift ourselves out of ignorance.  Through mindfulness in action we can nurture the oneness of body and mind. The essence of mindfulness in action is to come back to dwell in the present moment and observe what is happening.

We can recognize and look deeply into ourselves in order to see our substance, our roots in the past and our possible fruits in the future. When we take the time to fully bring mindfulness into action, we naturally transform in a wholesome direction through our choice about what we want to do and what we want to decide. If we do not exercise this power, nothing happens in our life – at least not what we want.  Another way of putting it would be responsive responsibility – the ability to consciously respond. 


When our life awakens to us as the individuals who are responsible for our individual life, we begin to sense the destiny that brought each one of us to this moment. We endeavor to live a life that is generous and worthy of the invitation to our own individual journey.  One that involves deep personal trust in the inherent rightness of our humanness and our natural intelligence.

Through mindfulness in action, we come to really know that even mistakes, even breakdowns are preferable to artificial behavior. We know the importance of imagination, creativity and understanding our goals in relation to who we are. A call for us to arise each day from a mindfulness place and with a voice of courage whispering in our heart to get the tools we need to work our way out of the safety of the cocoon and move beyond our old limits and take new actions to live a life of substance with clearer values. No question about it, this will require us to reconnect and renew our commitment to become the mental architect of our own personal transformation and start taking inspired steps towards enhancing our capacity to nurture the seeds that lie deep in the soil of our conscious mind so that they can sprout and mature into the transformative energies of mindfulness and insight.

Written By: Windsor Lindor © 2017

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