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  • If you are ready to have a major insight into your personal and business development plans for the future.

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Becoming the mental architect of your own transformation and make this a life of far greater SUCCESS!

My coaching clients’ lives are transformed to a new experience of purpose, freedom, inner-peace, true happiness, love, excellence, emotional intelligence and authentic success.
— Windsor Lindor, Executive-Life Coach
I am here to serve others and help them to live better lives and reach their potential. My personal mission statement not only reflects my values, it IS my values in ACTION. My education and training make me an effective partner for my coaching clients as they face their own challenges. I guide and advise my clients by suggesting different tactics to deal with the everyday struggles. I work to find alternative options to help my clients with life-pressures and stresses to achieve an improved lifestyle model to fit their lifestyle, image and needs.
— Windsor Lindor, Executive-Life Coach