I N T E N T I O N A L - E X C E L L E N C E – 2.0


When you find yourself in conflict, with interpersonal difficulties and fear, you may want to examine how you choose to interpret your life experience.  Your explanations, assumptions and judgments mediate how you relate to reaching beyond your challenging times. True this is your life. It is also true you deserve the best and it is your responsibility to be truly committed and tenacious towards a more loving, prosperous, abundant, fulfilled and balanced life.  I believe this is not an impossible existence. However, it starts with having a meaningful connection with yourself by reclaiming ownership of the context of who you are and taking 100% responsibility for your life. It is like this, you live a life that is authentically yours and find yourself savoring your life deeply.  It is not always easy. You can do it if you choose the freedom to put resolution revolution, courage, commitment, determination, discipline, desire, excellence, faith, resolve, volition and will power into your performance. The more you can do this on a daily basis, the greater the shift to increase prosperity, fulfillment and divine abundance in your life. Look at your life as it is right now, and:

  1. Are you still trying to predict what is going to happen?
  2. Are you simply living life as you know it and extending it to tomorrow, next week, next month and next year?

Deep within you, you know that you were born to free your mind from the traps of your ego and excavate your single flame of truth. That is, to become free of the patterns of the past, work your way out of the safety of the cocoon, transform and emerge into the 'Enlightened Self'.  However, in the midst of your transformational shifts and riding the waves of intense transitional time, you may want to choose, act, think and feel differently about your current state of affairs. If you feel called to transform your life to one of substance with deeper, clearer values - something with more impact and significance. If you feel called to bring to the surface your nobler parts and life's rich abundance that is so often invisible. But we are not quite sure how to get from here to there, then you absolutely want to find the courage to know few things of value are gained without commitment and persistence to creating intentional excellence with your core values and purposeful action.  This is also an invitation to open the door to a ‘Whole New World’.

 A ‘New World’ where you emphasize excellence over mediocracy and see beyond the superficial world of today, to a life of substance with deeper and clearer values. Then, every day is your time, your moment and your reason to live life, knowing there is always a clear choice between two polar opposites, living a life of intentional excellence vs. mediocrity.  It is my sincere and heartfelt hope that you will choose intentional excellence and choices that will lead you to stop procrastinating, rekindle your vision, break out of the prison of fear and overcome the incessant flood of mediocrity.  


The fact remains that to experience a life of Fulfillment, Joy and Unlimited prosperity, you must be motivated by goals that have deep meaning, by dreams that need completion and by soulful love that needs expressing. Please understand this. Without clear milestones and guideposts leading in the direction of your personal goals, you will spend a good portion of time lost, backtracking and running in circles within the incessant flood of mediocrity. The first meaningful step you can take in the direction of intentional excellence is to go beyond your old mechanical patterns, compulsions and rejections. Uproot the arrogance of ego. Decide WHAT you want and WHEN you want it. A call to identify or even upgrade your “why,” in order to tap into greater motivation and commitment to get into the mind-set of BEING and DOING rather than the incessant flood of mediocrity.  The second significant step is to replace certain habits and limiting beliefs with things that are more conducive to excellence and accomplishing your personal goals.
This entire process requires you to be fearless, responsible, accountable, action-oriented, disciplined, enthusiastic, focused, resourceful, self-initiated, completion-driven, tenacious, adventurous and committed through excellence in action. In the heart of intentional excellence, you are called to rise and become the best human 'Being' you can be.

Written By: Windsor Lindor © 2017

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