Break Through to Success Coaching Service

Maximize your Potential and Become a Healthier, Happier, Peak Performer.

If you want the coaching support that will help you to:

  1. Deal with managing poor performance and get thing things done using directive styles of leadership.
  2. Deal with public performance element of a leadership role and genuinely engage with your organization in a collaborative way.
  3. Develop critical approaches and the ability to consult your organization by improving your systemic thinking.
  4.  Be receptive to self-care and a life of fulfillment--‘A Life Worth Living’.
  5. Eliminate the distractions that have been keeping you from breaking through to your success, building fulfilling relationships, being receptive to prosperity, abundance and living a life worth living.

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Windsor is looking forward to working with magnificent YOU!

If you are looking for an excellent life coach, check out Windsor Lindor. I met him in 2012 and he has helped me in countless ways to overcome fear, reduce stress, increase joy, enhance focus on life purpose, setting goals, and taking positive action. Windsor is an inspiring and compassionate human being with a spiritual view of the world.
— Karen Tenney
 Windsor will help you with your plan in order to create a brand new life and reach your potential.

Windsor will help you with your plan in order to create a brand new life and reach your potential.

Windsor will capitalize on your strengths and his emphasis will be on:

  1. Raising your emotional intelligence quotient and helping you develop more fulfilling relationships.
  2. Having a major insight into your professional and personal development plan in order to live a more fulfilling, loving, prosperous, abundant and balanced life.

What Do you Get?

Break Through to Success Coaching Service - This world-class "life mastery" executive-life coaching program, Windsor Lindor will lead you through applying the Success and Transformational Change Principles to break through to success, and generate unbelievable results in your life. The coaching tools are designed to free your mind from limiting habits and preconceptions that have been keeping you from living the life you want.

Through this process, Windsor will  help you craft a Master Life Plan that corresponds to setting and achieving proactive, powerful goals rather than just reacting to life. Windsor will show you how you can build on your core values. He will also guide you through a process designed to uncover your true passions ('Your What') and put together a personalized plan of action for achieving  a your brand new life of success.  At your own pace, you will progressively work through the programs to break through to success  and:

  1. Learn the specific strategies to bring about what you truly want.
  2. Free your mind from heavy emotions, old wounds and the personal imprisonment of your bad habits.
  3. Eliminate the obstacles that keep you from achieving the success you really want.
  4. Have a life of substance with clearer values, move you toward emotional intelligence.
  5. Develop more fulfilling relationships.
  6. Be more aware of how emotions influence decision making.
  7. Heal what blocks your growth, get rid of the self-sabotaging programs and receive the tools you need to be fearless.

You will also receive:

  • 2-3 one-hour coaching sessions per month
  • 2-3 e-Mails correspondence a month as a follow-up in between calls personally with Windsor.
  • Coaching Tools to  practice and Exercises for you to be done in a safe and confidential place.

Producing Extraordinary Results in Your Life.