A Rewarding Life Experience


I believe your reason for existence is to live a meaningful and fulfilling life, a rewarding life experience. This starts with doing the work to free your mind from the traps of your ego and increase the probabilities of your possibilities. That is, to ACTIVELY REJECT MEDIOCRITY, be your true nature and create highly compelling visions, clarify, evaluate and commit to become free of the patterns of the past. A call to do something about your mystification by learning the language of letting go and being empowered to leave the ghost of yesterday behind. I believe this is not an optional existence. It is the only way to be and live, without equivocation, a rewarding life experience. It is not an easy task. The ego is a trickster and it will use unforgiving memories to cause you to be judgmental, critical, insecure and fearful. It will also distract you and sabotage your efforts to have a rewarding life experience. However, beneath the surface of your ego's insatiable cravings, your authentic desire is waiting patiently for you to acknowledge, claim and express it. Your true desire will source you with the inspiration to release your outdated beliefs and let go of whatever behavior is keeping you stuck in the past.
I trust you will agree a rewarding life experience (great work) is not created by the ego. It arises from a deep inspiration on a higher level of consciousness. A call for you to stop trying to conform to your ego and get the tools you need to be true to your authentic ‘Self’.  Be aware the ego creates the ultimate level of mystification and at this level, you either do not know that you do not know who you are or, you think you know who you are, but you really do not. You may go to your grave having never known who you are. You can live your whole life never being fully born and not having a rewarding life experience. I know of no greater tragedy. A call to do something about your mystification and commit to face your fears and allow your ‘Self’ to accept the rewarding life you deserve. It does not end there.


You will need to create a functional life with the ability to find the volition, determination, resolve, commitment and INTENTIONAL-EXCELLENCE to transcend your limited belief systems with their limitations in order to break through to your success on purpose. Why? Because it is real POWER. You will reject the lies told by the ego about your good character, honor the immensity that sleeps in your heart. This represents your ability to make choices about your thoughts and subsequently to make changes in your life that will positively affect the health of both of your physical and internal well-being. This will allow you to reclaim your power to do the work, not with fear but with expectancy, not by duress but with conviction, not through mediocrity but through excellence, not through compulsion but in a state of conscious recognition and receptivity. The road to actually bring to the surface your nobler parts, move your opportunities beyond the 'talk' and lead you to living a more fulfilling, loving, prosperous, abundant, and balanced life. The following list depicts an approach that will increase your motivation to create a truly rewarding life experience:
(1) Meditate, find out whether you really want to achieve your desire and whether it is worth the effort and time.
(2) Reflect often about your goal or desire and repeat positive affirmations such as: "I have the desire and inner strength to achieve my goal." Repeat this affirmation often, with faith and strong feelings.
(3) Visualize your goal as already accomplished and close your mind to contrary thoughts.
(4) Study, Read books or articles about the subject of your goal.
(5) Read about people who have achieved a rewarding life experience.
(6) Reflect often about the benefits you will gain by achieving your goal.
(7) Visualize, and reflect about how you would feel after achieving your goal.
(8) Master your thoughts by being aware of both positive and negative thoughts. When a negative thought shows up simply acknowledge it and shift it by looking for your true purpose in this earth journey.
(9) Step out of your comfort zone, face your fears, trust your inner wisdom and find courage to seek help and start taking inspired steps towards being emotionally intelligent and LIVING the life you desire.
(10) Start with doing something small concerning your goal. Success in small matters leads to greater success.

Step-by-step plan that will lead you to living a more fulfilling, loving, prosperous, abundant and balanced life.

Written By: Windsor Lindor © 2017