Transformational Change

A  Brand New Life

Break Through To Success - Windsor's unique methodology to transformational change blends with a diversity of wisdom and tools that are based on the Co-Active Model (Fulfillment, Balance and Process), a strengths-based, future-oriented process, in concert with the systems-psychodynamic model and the therapeutic model of Acceptance and Commitment. The services help individuals  improve their leadership performances and achieve extraordinary results in a meaningful way and lasting way.

Through the transformational change process, Windsor will work with you on a safe and private setting. His work will empower you to:

  1. Find your own insights and your own solutions.
  2. Shed the shackles of your past and reconnect with who you really are through your core values.
  3. Uncover and eliminate barriers you have unconsciously created in order to achieve peace and prosperity. 
  4. Become the mental architect of your own personal transformation and increase emotional intelligence quotient.
  5. Move away from negative patterns and toward the intimacy, purpose and direction you have always wanted with the major areas of your life. 
  6. Realize permanent, positive change from a proven system for ultimate achievement in personal and professional life.
  7. Uncover your true passions and begin to put together a systematic and personalized plan of action for achieving success.

The focus of Windsor's work is entirely on YOU. It is All About You.


If you choose to hire Windsor as your personal Executive-Life Coach and use the Transformational Change tools, you will forget your old beliefs and you will create a brand new life of fulfillment and balance. Windsor will provide you the executive coaching tools to:

  1. Develop more fulfilling relationships and pinpoint where you are on the road toward achieving personal and organization objectives.
  2. Orchestrate and establish vital links resulting in improving your personal/business relationships,  maximizing return on investment through process improvement; and organization's strategic planning.
  3. Sustain the work of your personal life, organization and provide governance leadership.

Windsor's  coaching services emphasize that the clients have the power to develop their leadership style, improve their systemic thinking and achieve extraordinary results in a meaningful and lasting way..

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Windsor is looking forward to working with magnificent YOU!

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