More than Words


Early morning of June 16, 2017, I found the opening of greater faculties and deep gratitude for the gifts of transformational change. I recalled the moment my life started to transform as I unlocked the fullness of my own excavation where my perception was the drama I created in my head. As the main character in the dramatic production of my life, I was the writer, director and producer of my play. However, to get out of my head, and change my perception, for more than 50 years--I became the audience of my own play. As the audience, instead of the actor, I am able to see my life being played out before me. Moreover, the best part, I continue to rewrite the lines, even as they were being dramatized on stage.

Through the words, I express my creative power. It is through the words that I manifest everything. What I dream what I feel and what I really am, will be manifested through the words. My words are not just a sound or a written symbol. They are the power I have to express and communicate, to think and thereby to create the events in my life through purposeful actions. The words are the most powerful tools I have. However, beyond the words--I speak with integrity and avoid using words to speak against my ‘Self’.  

Through the years and transformational change, I have learned to accept that I must do more than dream or yearn in order to have what I want materialize in my life. Activities must occur in my physical world for my desires to be realized. If my dreams are to be fulfilled, I must have a plan and goals that will allow me to take purposeful actions and make my dreams real.

With that experience, I have a deep appreciation for the courage it takes to journey into the authentic 'Self'. It was a journey into the unknown, into a meeting place where I worked my way out of the safety of the cocoon and emerged into my true light to discover my life purpose.  I will never forget this moment of choice. This breath. This life. This purposeful time under this sky, I find myself once again with the infinite intelligence deep inside as the horizon leans forward, offering me space to place new purposeful steps through excellence and service for the next forty years.

Written By: Windsor Lindor  

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Windsor Lindor