Gaining Clear Life Plan – A Resolution Revolution

Eventbrite - How to Get What You Want - Gaining a Clear Life Plan

This year is in full swing, fail to make real changes now and we greatly diminish the opportunity to experience what we want for this year in reference to our success. I am certain we are aware that a resolution is a commitment that we must make to a project or the reforming of a habit, often a lifestyle change that is generally interpreted as advantageous. Sounds like a good approach, does it not? Like any good approach that starts with a good intention and a goal insight, if this plan is not carried through to the end, the plan then fails, and we do not get what we want.

The word commitment is the key to succeeding with any plan, ultimately resulting in getting what we want for this year. Listen to the melodious voice of commitment calling us to re-build a structure that honors moving us to become victorious and successful. Why? Because the road to get what we want lies within the center of our being. We must also create a resolution revolution and gain a clear life plan.

True, this is our life and it is our choice how we live our life. We can choose fear over trust, delusion over truth, doubt over confidence. The choices are ours to make. It is my sense we may need to give ourselves permission to be fearless, and consciously take responsibility for our life in order to remove conflicts that prevent us from following through on our resolutions. No question, this will require volition, determination, resolve, commitment and will power. Challenging, but not impossible. We simply have to examine ourselves, learn the purpose of our heart, and stop paying lip-service to our commitment for a life of fulfillment, prosperity and balance.

The question remains, what must be different in order to gain a clear life plan and achieve the results we desire for this year? From my executive-life coaching experience, if we want to experience and achieve the results we desire this year, then we are going to have to take a radical approach to life, a resolution revolution. An approach that will call us to acquire real sustained effort, earnestly invest in ourselves, assume 100% responsibility for our life, and with awareness, clarification, commitment, determination, evaluation, imagination, and purposeful ACTION, we will experience and achieve the results we desire.

It is also true; our beliefs will make every effort to justify our reasons for not proceeding with placing healthy dependency to work in every area of our life this year. Nevertheless, fail to make real changes through a resolution revolution and we greatly diminish our future. An invitation for us to know what we want through our life purpose, become committed to scale the wall of self-doubt and celebrate the unending gift that life offers as we find the path that leads us to living a more prosperous and balanced life.

We will also be called to create an EMPOWERING ROLE for ourselves—one that will make us fully responsible for getting what we want. We can want success. We can pray for success. We can hope for more money. But, until we accept the call to have the Empowering Roles with sufficient authority to start moving in the direction of our vision, we will be passively sitting on the sidelines, complaining about not getting anywhere in life.

If we have had enough of the way things have been for us, if we know a lot of the words regarding personal development but we still can’t get the changes to stick, then this may be our time to be receptive to the magnetic quality of commitment. We will become responsible for our life as we fan the ashes of lifeless hope to make a resolution of resolving to attract more money, more abundance and unlock our full potential for supporting success.

Written By: Windsor Lindor © 2019