The Most Radical Approach


The most radical approach to our human journey is living our authentic ‘Self’, and that authenticity cannot be bought, it cannot be sold to us and it does not come prepackaged from a set of limited beliefs. There must also be a conscious effort to free our mind, eliminate the dysfunctional thought patterns and free our ‘Self’ from constantly re-experiencing the emotional pain and discomfort from the past.

Letting go of the past does involve a radical approach to forgiveness and it requires bold action. Action that will propel us down the path to finding our inner-strategist and direction to send a signal to our 'Self' that we are ready to discover a radical approach that will lead us toward emotional intelligence and true fulfillment. A signal that will call us to step into the infinite possibilities of our life and discover the life that was intended for us as we come alive by embracing our authentic ‘Self’, a radical approach to our human journey.

Yes, we can. There must be the “intention” to ACTIVELY maintain the newness of life, let go of resistance and make a conscious effort to free our mind from the interpersonal difficulties, emotional pain, resistance, tension and fear of change. Once we have made perfectly clear our intention, the radical approach to our authentic ‘Self’ process works best when we step out of our ego ‘self’ and its power to disrupt this process.

As we practice this process, we will see the world as the mirror upon which we project our ‘Self’. Therefore, if we see flaws out there, we are the one who needs the change. Moreover, this change can only take place by discovering our authentic ‘Self’, a radical approach. This requires us to be receptive to the quiet observer within us who is meticulously taking notes and drawing maps, even if our hectic life is filled with craziness.

Our inner-strategist is not deterred by all the noise and our ego ‘self’ needs to control. It calls us to become true to the harmony of our divine nature to cultivate this aspect of our personality with high self-esteem, satisfaction, relationship intimacy and meaningful success as we work purposefully to create a sensible path through the turbulent seas that surround us on our battleground. A radical approach to the expression of our humanness and keeping guilt, shame and fear from remaining the dominating force in our entire being.

As for me, this process started over 30 years ago, it has helped me in my own search of my breakthrough, my own "why am I here." I found what really matters to me as a human being and what would it take for me to be a successful life coach and a better human being. Through a magnetic quality of commitment, responsibility, discipline and perseverance I have learned to radically approach my human journey from a soulfulness attitude and embody exuberance in its purest form through pure joy, courage, purpose and excellence in action, the most radical approach in my human journey. What is your most radical approach to your human journey?

Your personal breakthrough awaits.

Written By: Windsor Lindor © 2018