Fully Alive


What we describe to as our “Life” should correctly be called our “life situation.” It is psychological time, past and future. Certain experiences of yesteryear did not go the way we wanted them to go. We are still resisting what happened in the past and now we are resisting what is. Hope is what keeps us going, but hope keeps us focused on the future, and this continued focus perpetuates our denial of the Now and therefore our internal war and unhappiness.  A call for us to remind ourselves, life is always what it has been, an endless stillness and silence that flows in and out of form upon a tide of ongoing cycles. These cycles are not repetition, they are reinforcement and in this world of phenomenon, they are the very heartbeat of Beingness. Life is also the living art of finding and expressing personal liberation. Being liberated frees the mind.  The gift of our individual life is given to each one of us and when we have a worthy sense of ourselves, it communicates itself in our physical presence and personality.  When we also learn to embrace our individual “Self’ with a sense of appreciation and affection, we begin to glimpse the goodness and light that is in each one of us and all areas of our life. The areas of our individual life are connected through our Personal Growth, Spirituality, Finances, Business, Fun, Family, Friends, Romance and Health.  With these in mind, the arduous task in life for each one of us is to become free, creative and inhabit the silent depth within ourselves. There we will find a resonant heart in the depth of silence. When our true heart speaks, the echo will return to assure us that every moment of our presence is created from who we truly are.  Through this awareness and courage we will be liberated from the traps of falsity and explore what gives our life meaning and purpose.
It is also true, life can be very messy, tangled with many obstacles to overcome and bottlenecks to break through. However, it remains our individual choice on how we choose to live our life and this is the only life we have. Difficult at times, but not impossible, and I am from the school that believes each one of us has the capability to uncover the hidden blocks to our growth and success and unlock our full potential for supporting life-long fulfillment, prosperity and success. There are definite ways to unlock our full potential to one in which we can choose to be fulfilled and successful. Whether we can see it or not, we play a role in what is happening in our individual life, our unique situation, our personal reality, and all our own responses to whatever happens around our individual 'Self'. We may be creating all of this unconsciously and automatically.
I believe as  human ‘beings’ we must become more conscious of who we are from an unconditioned awareness place and accept personal responsibility for our life. As a result we will be empowered to change it, shape it and mold it to become functional/responsible human beings. Consider that when we are fully alive we are energized, aware, and doing what we want. We are fully present, creating our life with joy and excitement, while we navigate the dynamic content of our world. We surf the wave of transformational change, tune in, assess and take our next steps to:

  1. Increase our abundance through the integration of body, mind and spirit.
  2. Become aware of how our mindset is stopping us from creating the abundance we want in our life and how to use our body and spirit to move beyond our self-limiting thoughts.

This is our life and when would we redesign our life and re-build a structure that honors fulfillment, prosperity, balance and a heart at peace? Now is the time to:

  1. Identify exactly what's holding us back from being Energetic, Passionate and Focused in order to attain the life of our dreams, one that binds achievement and fulfillment into one powerful force.
  2. Eliminate the distractions that are keeping us from creating an extraordinary life.

A call to seek the kind of growth that will move our opportunities beyond the 'talk'. Yes, we can do anything if we want to and are 100% committed to its completion. The questions remain:

  1. Do we have the power to create a Resolution Revolution to change the state of our current situation and move our opportunities beyond the 'talk'? Or, are we trapped in a slow-moving nightmare of limited beliefs?
  2. Do we have the raw intention to achieve our personal goals for this year and beyond?

Like any good approach that starts with a good intention and a goal insight--if this plan is not carried through to the end, the plan then fails. The word commitment is the key to succeeding with any plan ultimately resulting in reaching our goal. I believe we have the POWER to do WHAT we want, WITH whomever we want and WHERE we want at any TIME, we want. In other words, total FREEDOM to pursue the life of our dreams. Thus, if we want to get it together THIS year, if not now, WHEN will we be fully alive?

Maximize our Potential and Become Healthier, Happier, Peak Performers.

Written By: Windsor Lindor © 2018

Windsor Lindor