Be Fearless


For more than 20 years of Life Coaching, one of the biggest questions I’ve had is how to become fearless. Also, in working with Project Managers this subject comes up again and again.  Life gave me an up-close and personal "tutorial" in what our deepest fear comes from and what it takes to be fearless. One of the things that challenges us as we begin to be fearless, is the fact that we are conditioned to think that we are victims of circumstances. We must realize that this is simply not true. The only real outer cause for fear that we experience is when the body produces a cellular fear, like when we hear a loud noise or we are in danger of being physically hurt. If we are facing fear and it isn’t the cellular fear, I believe we are holding a judgment, opinion or a label about someone else, ourselves, or a situation. We are resisting and holding a fixed thought in our subconscious about a subject that we accept as reality and then react to. Resistance is the ultimate contracted state. When we resist our own divine nature, we create distress or fear. We do not need to justify our life, just live, be spontaneous, and be on purpose. We do not have to wait for numerous things to fall into place in order to relax— someone does not have to make us laugh – how simple that is and yet we will not do it. In the midst of all the pain, the rush of emotion, the physical sensations, only opening up, forgiving and making a place for gratitude allows an expansion outward from the repetitive emotional spin of fear.
When we choose to live life from a place of distress or fear, we are locked into its thought system of separation and pain. Since there is a cause and effect relationship (judgments being the cause and fear being the effect), unless we release our judgments, and thereby leave the world of ego and enter consciously into our true reality, we just keep creating more fear whether we realize it or not. When we hold on to judgments, we are “right” and decide the “truth” of how things are or ought to be. Until we decide to learn how to overcome fear, we usually don’t connect the cause (our judgments and opinions) with the effects (fear and negative emotions) in our conscious mind; it is all happening beneath our conscious awareness.


During my moment of distress, I was highly motivated to learn how to overcome fear and get back into alignment with my well-being. I focused my attention on searching out opinions, judgments, expectations, and labels about myself, others and circumstances. And wow, was I ever amazed at how much there was!  I had such a habit of letting judgment thoughts creep in and take root, I realized I needed to make a daily commitment to a heart at peace and soulful love. I have discovered that wasn’t enough. I need to take 100% responsibility for who I am, let go of resistance and judgment. I believe fear can be defeated and overcome, it is an ongoing process. As we learn how to overcome fear, on the surface we may be aware of feeling “off” or at odds with ourselves or the world, but without a clear sense of why that is. This is because most of the beliefs and thoughts that seem to separate us from our true reality exist within our subconscious mind. It is the subconscious mind that projects all of its un-healed energies out into the dream of the world, which creates the circumstances of our life.  We must not allow fear, indecision, procrastination and their cousins be in our way. Find the confidence, courage and commitment to be fearless in order to experience a more prosperous, loving, abundant and fulfilling life.  
Which step forward can we take to reduce our fear and eliminate the diversions that are keeping us away from taking action that is alive, effective and empowered? No matter what our answer is this one thing is for sure, if our state of mind is coming from a place of fear and resistance, then we will always settle for mediocrity. Resistance—especially out of fear of what others may think—is something that will worry our mind, body and soul more than any transient failure. True, this is our individual life and if we choose to be seduced by the attractiveness of our personal goals and dreams, we will find the confidence to be fearless and do the work to transform for success. However, we will also need to throw our heart over the fence, do the work and acquire a different perspective on life.
Through raw positive-change-producing personal power, we will also be called to commit and reclaim our individual power to choose what we want our life to be.  A call to stand up to failure, pull that greatness out and use it to achieve the SUCCESS we desire. Ultimately, the ways to be fearless and transform are to take 100% responsibility for who we are, let go of resistance and judgment. Act from this knowing, speak from this knowing and speak from this knowing particularly in a conflict situation. Get grounded, be sure our ego is not the one orchestrating our life and that our integrated mature spirit is, speak our truth from our heart directly without judgment.

Be Extraordinary. Be Fearless

Written By: Windsor Lindor © 2018 -

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