Windsor Lindor - On Purpose


I am the mental architect of my own personal transformation. I am a man with a purpose. Moreover, I am bold enough, and brave enough to put up a no-trespassing sign to the thoughts of the world, which want to think themselves in me by traversing my ground.  I am dedicated to the truth and live in the open. I speak with integrity. Say only what I mean and avoid using words to speak against myself or to gossip about others. I use the power of my words in the direction of excellence, prosperity, peace and purpose. I enjoy new connections that are fresh and exciting, yet at the same time, I also celebrate the quiet immensity of creation and I am mindful of the clusters of presence that make up my secret companionship. My curiosity continues to propel me into many different experiences in life as I choose to dance to the music of life as if nobody’s watching. That is to live without equivocation or hesitation and to find deep gratitude for the gifts of living, deep meanings, bravery, artistic expression, organic behavior, creative courage and the richness of human experience (Inner Fulfillment). Now, I am choosing to embrace these gifts on purpose and all the warmth of this moment with Grace. With this choice, I am here purposefully and fully engaged. I am receptive to my unlimited mind of creation and draw from it: Productive Thoughts, Plans and Purposeful Actions that will lead me to fulfill my heart desires.
The spirits of gratitude and forgiveness allow my mind the freedom to bring the body back to a state where there is a true balance of spiritual strength and now, joy opens my mind to higher faculties. Joy is my soul’s knowledge. Joy is my birthright and I no longer struggle.  Why? Because the life I get here is my own human journey and my joy relies mainly of the awareness of the soil of my own mind, which produces that tree of joy for my life. My human journey is a sacred adventure and through emotional competence, I show up from the essence of my authentic 'Self'.  I am called to embrace it with a sense of appreciation and affection. My aims in this human journey are to:

  1. Condition my mind to believe instantly in the infinite possibilities of good.
  2. Regard my life in its entire vicissitudes, and see it as successful in this sense of it being better than it was.
  3. Depart this human journey a more rested and more contented human being than I was before. I hope that is the case and wish it to be so.

I also choose to cultivate and nourish the needs of my soul and approach my human-journey from a soulfulness attitude. I accept my birthright. It leads to a transformational change in the way I think about my personal and social relationships, how I interact with the environment and ultimately, how intimate a connection I establish with the Architect of the Universe. It is the space for new possibilities, which in turn will continue to make my life more fulfilling through my life purpose and my core values. For every day I am learning to be friendly to myself by:

  1. Learning to open my heart like opening a flower–And I feel myself as my best friend.
  2. Feeling it in every part of my body, my whole being and wishing myself that I will be well physically and mentally.
  3. Feeling the peace and the stillness in the moment.
  4. Choosing EMPATHETIC UNDERSTANDING over assuming the worst intentions.
  5. Choosing UNCONDITIONAL POSITIVE CARING over insensitivity.
  6. Taking CONSTRUCTIVE ENERGETIC ACTIONS to help get rid of the steam inside.

As of today, the following list depicts my life purpose:

  1. To inspire and empower business leaders and committed coaching clients including business professionals and executives of Profit and Non Profit organizations to attain the results they desire and deserve through confidence, excellence and courage.
  2. To humbly serve by being a loving, playful, powerful and passionate example of the absolute bliss and sincerely love and serve all of creations.
  3. To provide my clients the tools they need to see the invisible so that they can do the impossible.
  4. To be available as an authentic leader in grace by mirroring authenticity, responsibility, commitment, soulful-love, discipline, excellence and high emotional intelligence quotient.

In reference to my core values, the list below depicts them:

  1. Freedom – I want to live my life on my own terms.
  2. Family – A close-knit family life is one of the reasons I have always worked from my home-office.
  3. Abundance – Focusing on abundance brings abundance.
  4. Opportunity – New and exciting ways to utilize my talents and work on purpose, while providing something of value to others.
  5. Creativity – Expressing myself and sharing my perspective of life.
  6. Humor – I take humor very seriously.
  7. Fun – Life can be fun or it can be work. I never really liked work much.

With this in mind, I do more than dream or yearn in order to have what I want materialize in my life. Activities must occur in my physical world for my desires to be realized. If my dreams are to be fulfilled, I must have a plan and goals that will allow me to make my dreams real. With this in mind, my mission for each day is to start ANEW from a FRESH frame of mind, live my top core values and celebrate the unending gift that life offers---the gift of perpetual renewal, every breath of my life.  My personal mission statement not only reflects my values, it IS my values in ACTION on purpose.


Written By: Windsor Lindor © 2017