Windsor Lindor - Becoming


I give myself PERMISSION to seize the immeasurable power of commitment to experience the exquisite epiphanies that will lead me to uncover all the encouraging choices I will ever need to be successful. SUCCESS is doing what I love the most. It IS my personal growth and for me to be able to do the kinder things in life (Sharing, Inspiring, Empowering, Helping, Giving, Loving Unconditionally). It is the knowledge that I am NOT alone in the world. It is a loving family and friends. It is health. It is not what I make. It is what I leave behind. I stand for something and make a difference where it counts. As I grow, my definition of success will grow with me and it is within my power to DEFINE my success through transformational change. I celebrate change as an inevitable part of life. An opportunity to choose consciously to make this journey, my time, my life, and my reason to savor each step of the way with the attributes of emotional intelligence, a sense of humor, joy, unconditional love, kindness, gratitude, unlimited capacity and excellence in action. I honor, allow, support and respect everyone’s right to be who they are, do as they do, and have whatever they have. I honor their right to live their life as they choose. I honor those same rights in me and call for them to do likewise.  I see everyone's essence. I connect with people through the authentic circle and from that essence without the pull to connect from an ego-based place.

I believe that I can never know myself except as an outcome of disclosing myself as the mental architect of my own personal transformation. It is the fiber of my moral center that stretches throughout my being, embracing and holding together my relationships when it is sealed as a choice and commitment, and not just a feeling or a personality. Character synergistically combines with excellence in action and the attributes of emotional intelligence to promote my ability as an Executive-Life Coach to relate and grow in my relations to better others as well as myself. I am also committed to guide my clients toward their desired goals quickly and I rely on the rocks of emotional intelligence, commitment, responsibility and excellence. My emphasis is on transformational change and helping others to:

  • Deal with a difficult past, develop more fulfilling relationships.
  • STRETCH their ability to keep exploring and be willing to restore balance and vitality in their life.
  • Find balance in their life relationships, perspectives and obligations.
  • Overcome the roadblocks that have detoured you from deeper relationships and stunted your personal growth.
  • Set goals that are Specific, Measurable, Accountable, Realistic and Tangible.

As I continue with my own transformational change, I am committed to be impeccable with my words. That is, I speak with integrity, say only what I mean and avoid using words to speak against myself. Each day, I am committed to spend the only life I have to live with a strong sense of purpose and mission. Each day, I am committed to serve others and help them to live better lives and reach their potential purposefully. I am committed to take daily action to build that type of future for myself.


Written By: Windsor Lindor © 2017