Transformational Leadership Journal

  1. When will we choose to be extraordinary human beings, create positive energy and fuel for us to move toward bigger and smarter goals?

  2. When will we choose to bring a lens of learning to our daily experiences?

  3. What will it take for us to enhance our capacity to take an objective approach to life which is factual, neutral and emotionally dis-associated perception without the bias of emotions, opinions or beliefs?

With these questions in mind, you are welcome to click <Here> to listen to the recorded podcast of the transformational leadership journal series.

However, note the more positive emotion and inspiration we feel as functional human beings, the greater the impact on our system of living. A system that calls for us to approach life from an objective reality, and for us to see what's happening with a clearer perspective and respond with greater agility to:

  1. Be Change Experts,

  1. Manage our emotions, behavior or beliefs,

  2. Improve our performance.


Pathway to Building your Leadership Credibility and Improving your Leadership Skills…

The most important aspect of becoming change experts, managing our emotions, behavior, and improving our performance is the tender realm of a radical approach to journaling. A call to a transformational approach to leadership journaling where we are able to analyze what our challenges mean and what they can teach us in reference to our life dimensions.

This approach of journaling will also help us to be efficient in our approach to establish a space between life and reaction in order NOT to make decision from instinct that can be ill-advised or insufficient. That is, we will be able to see effectively as we keep our emotions in check for our own good and the good of others as we make our emotions work for us, instead of against us.

Through this process of reflection (Transformational Leadership Journal), we will also learn what worked, what didn’t, and adjust along the way. Another key benefit of keeping a transformational leadership journal is to use its reflection tools to process our life events, release the negative emotions, and ultimately enable us to experience more positive emotion.

I have learned this process of Transformational leadership journaling works best through the power of gratitude, strengths, learning, mindfulness, radical forgiveness and meditation/prayer as we choose to make this process of journaling a priority, practice at the same time every day, every week, every month and see this as feeding our soul.

At times, we may feel like we didn’t accomplish much with our practice. Nevertheless, be consistent, honor and acknowledge the work we are doing to improve our performance. Even if we feel that the effects are not obvious, be grateful for our practice and in no time, we will be glad we started.

Transformational Leadership Journal is a set of tools within a fifty-page workbook. It provides a personalized daily, weekly and quarterly journaling coaching exercises that will help us to analyze what our challenges mean and what they can teach us in reference to our life dimensions and more. Click <Here> to learn more on how to get your own personalized Transformational Leadership Journal in your inbox.

Written By: Windsor Lindor © 2019