A Radical Approach

  1. How are you responsible for the creation of conflict, resistance, tension and fear in your life?

  2. Do you ever feel like something is blocking your ability to live a fulfilled, joyful, successful life?

No matter what your answers are, to successfully remove conflict, resistance and fear in your life is to take a radical approach to forgiveness. A call for you to get the tools you need to cut away all the junk, step out of your ego ‘self’ and its power as you note that every situation is a choice. Your choice between conflict and your heart’s desire. Your choice between cutting your ties to the emotional pain from the past, and your unresolved emotions.

This underlying emotional condition is preventing you from letting go of the heavy chains that are keeping you fastened to unforgiving memories of your life story. This condition will cause you to refuse to bring healing to the wounded parts of your being. The essence of this refusal is resistance to what you don’t want and attracting more of whatever you are resisting.

This will cost you a great deal and manifesting your personal goals becomes next to impossible. Through the raw power of this radical approach, you will realize that you are only human. Forgiving others by realizing that they are only humans. This is the tender realm of a radical approach to forgiveness.

This cannot happen unless you are willing to seek a new course where you do the work to eliminate the dysfunctional thought patterns in order to diminish the power the ego has been using to control your thoughts, your feelings and emotions.

Lack of forgiveness will hold you back and cause you to become spiritually stagnant. Thus, you may want to receive the coaching tools you need to have a greater probability of freeing yourself from emotional pain, and radically liberating yourself from the energy patterns that keep guilt, shame and fear from remaining the dominating force in your entire being. A call to learn more about the Radical Forgiveness coaching program Here →

Think about it, the most important aspect of achieving Self-Empowerment is the tender realm of a radical approach to forgiveness...

Written By: Windsor Lindor © 2019

Windsor Lindor