What if failure was not an option?

  • What would it take for us to find the courage to be fearless, shed what is safe and predictable in order to live the life we want?
  • Are we allowing the FEAR of success, the FEAR of failure, or the FEAR of the future to clash with our soul’s natural desire to expand to greater levels of success?

Deep within each one of us, we know that we were born to become free of the patterns of the past and overcome our fear.  Thus, where is the pathway to overcome our fear?  The pathway that will move us from contemplation to purposeful action, from fearful thinking to embracing confidence and from lack of focus to an inspired state of mind.  The pathway that calls us to know failure is a concept that only exists in our ego’s mind and the fear of failure holds us back more than anything else in all our pursuits in life. If the pathway of our mind is coming from a place of fear and risk avoidance, then we will always settle for mediocrity. Avoiding risk—especially out of fear of what others may think—is something that will chew at our gut more than any ephemeral failure.

A failure is in the past. It’s done and over. Worrying about “what might be if…” or “what might have been if we had… ” are pieces of baggage we carry around daily. They are heavy, and they will kill our creative spirit. Why not just see how gifted we are by training our mind to use the pathway that leads us to mindfulness in order to reclaim our power.
The power to do the work, not with fear but with expectancy, not by duress but with conviction, not through mediocrity but through excellence, not through compulsion but in a state of conscious recognition and receptivity. The pathway to actually transform our life to one in which we can choose to become masterful human beings and emerge into the 'Enlightened Self' by working our way out of the safety of the cocoon of our beliefs and escaping the confinement of limitations.

Do not let the fear of the unknown dominate our life. A call to find the concealed door to trust our own possibility and potential by exploring what gives our life meaning. Find the means to choose an attitude that will steer us to start the process of forgiving and eliminating the energy patterns that keep guilt, shame and fear from remaining the dominating force in our life. A call to quiet the unremitting chatter inside our head and listen closely to what our heart has to say.  We will want to stay away from toxic people–the kind of friends who want to inject us with the fear of trust, the fear of sharing, the fear of giving, the fear of commitment and the fear of paving the way to self-improvement. The questions remain:

  • When are we going to free ourselves from fear and discover the gaps to achieve our best life?
  • Which step forward can we take to reduce our fear and eliminate the diversions that are keeping us away from taking action that is alive, effective and empowered?

No matter what our answers are this one thing is for sure, if we find ourselves in conflict, with interpersonal difficulties and fear, we may want to leave the ghost of yesterday behind and do the work that will transform our life through courage, excellence, volition and resolve. I believe, this is not an optional existence. It is the only way to be fearless and live this one life. It is not always easy.

However, we can do it if we commit to practice reaching beyond the current circumstances.  It is also true, this is our life and if we choose to be seduced by the attractiveness of our goals and dreams, we will find the confidence to do the work to transform for success. However, we will also need to be fearless, throw our heart over the fence, do the work and acquire a different perspective on life with the companions of excellence in action, mindfulness, awareness and gratitude throughout our days. It is for certain something will shift in us. We will embrace our given ability of an expanded positive attitude as beautiful human beings and this is where we begin to get beyond that terrible fear that feels so all consuming.

Written By: Windsor Lindor © 2017 -

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