The Life We Want


For some of us, our performance appears to be one continuous stream of actions, reactions, situations and conditions. It is almost impossible to step aside and see what we are doing right, what we are doing wrong and what we need to do differently to immediately produce better results. Life is just a blur. It is very messy, tangled, with many obstacles to overcome and bottlenecks to break through.
It may not always feel like it, but the choices are ours to make. Our Courage. Our Life. Our Choice. Living the life we want not only means choosing the things we want, but also eliminating the things that are hanging around in our life that we no longer want.  It does not end there. We also have to:

  • Reclaim ownership of our individual life.
  • Have a meaningful connection with ourselves.
  • Have a major insight into our purpose.
  • Create a functional life with the ability to respond to our true feelings, needs, thoughts and wants.
  • Start conditioning our mind with the thoughts of the highest truth by using our authentic voice.

We must also take inspired actions towards living the life we want by approaching our life’s situation without fear and discover an effective approach on making conscious decisions, those that will lead us toward succeeding as human beings and producing the RESULTS expected of us and by us. True, the aptitudes we need to succeed as human beings start with intellectual horsepower and expertise is a threshold requirement.  However, the value of our actions, and therefore our life, comes from the value of the purpose that motivates them. An unclear purpose can give little value.

It is to our enlightened self-interest to create the largest possible, most value-filled purpose for living.  With this in mind, to manifest the life we want and one of far greater SUCCESS requires personal commitment to transformational change and the development of our emotional intelligence. The path that will bring us to accept no one's definition of our life, but to define ourselves individually and bring us to the highest possible emotional quality of life.

It is true that transformational change can be thrilling to watch it take form. However, do not let Indecision and its cousins be in our way.  Our moment is here. It's bursting with possibilities.  We must find the courage to be truly committed and find the strength to invest in improving the quality of our life.

Taking the road to live the life we want calls us to take some radical approaches by not letting anyone shape us in the image of his or her dogma and stop responding to the expectations and judgments given to us from birth. We may want to:

  • Take 100% responsibility for our life and reclaim our personal freedom.
  • Replace Certain Habits and Limiting Beliefs with Things that are more Conducive to 'Our Success'. 
  • Rise to the challenge of what gives our life meaning.
  • Seek the kind of growth that will support true fulfillment and balance.
  • ACTIVELY choose to find the strength and courage to invest in improving the quality of our own life.

It is also my sense we may need to increase our level of COMMITMENT, step up and learn more about the world-class "life mastery" program, Life Expansion - Purpose Driven Coaching that will help us identify the things that keep us from living a more loving, prosperous, abundant and balanced life. Then, we will need to go beyond our old mechanical patterns and raise our awareness and commitment to

  • Be in compliance with the five elements of emotional intelligence; self-awareness, motivation, self-regulation (discipline), empathy and adeptness in relationships.
  • Get into the mind-set of BEING and DOING rather than FEARING.
  • Re-build a structure that honors moving our purpose in our life forward and break through to our success on purpose.
  •  Get started in living the life we want.
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Written By: Windsor Lindor

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