Authentic Interaction

Some people choose to be in a place of needs, frustration, desperation, contracted awareness and yes, they have been wrestling with life through conflicts created by their emotional freeze points. It has been very difficult. It seems impossible for them to do the work and create an authentic-interaction with their true nature and become the architect of their own personal transformation for success. This may not be their fault and they were never trained on how to infuse their daily lives with the attributes of their true nature. They long to experience authentic-interaction with their true nature and maintain a sense of proportion and balance.

They find themselves struggling, passionately searching for exactly how to make a meaningful difference and finally engage life in a reverential way and live the life they were meant to live; their true nature. They are searching for ways to align themselves with a higher calling and a deeper purpose. It is challenging to be affected by circumstances, which are completely out of their control.

It is also true, when they can accept that all their struggles and frustrations have kept them from joining the flow of their authentic-interaction with the attributes of their true nature, they have the best reason to stop struggling and put every intention aside except the intention to create harmony, joy, kindness, peace, grace, cooperation, compassion, excellence, prosperity and fulfillment in order to express authentic-interaction with their true nature.


I believe the arduous task of being human is to create an authentic interaction with our true nature and consciously respond to transformational change in order to find the means to move past our hurtful history and find the life underneath our life situation. That is, if we do not exercise this power, nothing happens in our life – at least not what we truly want. And, when we are in concert with the attributes of our true nature, we are actively taking 100% responsibility for our life and shifting limiting beliefs in order to bring ourselves to the highest possible emotional quality of life.  Then, we can explore what gives our life meaning, purpose and inner fulfillment through awareness, courage and purposeful actions.

The creation of the authentic-interaction with our true nature and commitment to BREAK OUT of the limited beliefs that have kept us from being perspicacious with our thoughts, words and deeds, will uncover all the stimulating choices we will ever need to be able to live this life as our true nature. If we fail to create an authentic-interaction with our true nature and bring our core values, our visions and the roles we play together, we will never be fully alive, find true love and embrace our true nature. We will chase harder and spend countless hours wishing and wondering. We will never quite get what we want out of life — or get to where we want to go.

I believe this is your time to step out of your comfort zone, face your fears and doubts and get the tools you need to create an authentic-interaction with your true nature and take bold action that propels you down the path to making smart choices and responding with intelligence to your authentic life’s events. An exclusive invitation to give yourself permission to free yourself from emotional pain, let go of old wounds and choose the pathway to be perspicacious with your thoughts, words and deeds. A commitment to be 100% responsible for your life, face forward into authentic interaction and become the mental architect of your own personal transformation (Transformational Change).

Written By: Windsor Lindor © 2018