The Road to Transformational Change


Transformational change is not just a catch-phrase. It is the catalyst to an amazing life change.  It is the road to actually eliminating the diversions that are keeping us from taking control of our life.
Transformational change is the road that leads to living a brand new life. A life where we become the individuals we were created to be and bring to the surface our nobler parts and life's rich abundance that is so often invisible. This starts with investing in what we truly value and prescribing to an environment that supports a more fulfilling and balanced life. It is our true nature to transform and the effect of not transforming causes our life to get 'harder and harder'. Why? Because our nature pushes against us demanding transformation and to look into the mirror of our soul and accept the call to be responsible and creative rather than reactive. The road to transformational change remains our choice to make, an important decision for some of us. 

I believe, our values are critical guides for making important decisions. When in doubt they cut through the confusion like a beacon in the night. Through our core values, we will not drift away from the road of transformational change and waking-up in a place we never meant to be. It is also true, we have both the ability and the responsibility to transform and embrace the greatness that exists in us and accept the call to live a Life of Purpose, Meaning, Excellence, Love, Joy and Abundance. We must also learn to move past our hurtful history--by appropriating the life changing power of transformation to redirect our life, sponging away the crippling pain of harmful actions and outcomes. We will be called to gain a clear understanding of our unique gifts, passions, needs and values, so that we can use it to get us from where we are now--to where we want to be, the road to transformational change.

The road to transformational change requires personal commitment to our personal best--day in day out-- in order to break through to our success on purpose. A call for us to take 100% responsibility for our life and gain a clear understanding of our unique gifts, passions, needs and core values, so that we can live the life we want by:

  1. Having a major insight into our true nature.
  2. Eliminating the obstacles that keep us from being functional and successful human beings.
  3. Freeing our mind from heavy emotions, old wounds and the personal imprisonment of our bad habits.
  4. Becoming the co-authors and co-creators of our lives rather than merely passengers.
  5. Finding the trust to actually be seduced by the attractiveness of our goals and dreams.
  6. Creating from those circumstances an opportunity to evolve and grow ourselves.
  7. Achieving the consistent results we demand in the most important areas of our life through excellence in action and mindfulness.

Mindfulness plays a critical role to the success of our transformational change. It is the influence within that helps us to look deeply at our beliefs, thoughts, feelings, emotions, perceptions and all that is around us.  It is through this kind of insight that we can individually take inspired steps towards transforming our life to a new experience of intelligence, purpose and breaking through to our success on purpose.
Mindfulness can help us understand our goals in relation to who we are and, we will be called to see that we very much play a hand in creating our life.   With the power of transformational change, our roads can’t help but wind us forward in our life while paving the way for new experiences and new ways of being.
Arise each day from a mindfulness place and renew our commitment to incorporate excellence in action into our performance and start taking inspired steps towards the road to transformational change. We will love this method because it is about taking 100% responsibility to enhance our capacity to confront the status quo of our own fear and step into the infinite possibilities of our life. A new experience of intelligence, purpose and the road to transformational change.   

Written By: Windsor Lindor

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