The Positive You (2)


If you wonder why you are struggling and aspirations fall through the cracks, the answer is simple: You lack the raw positive-change-producing personal POWER to achieve them. An invitation for you to step out of your comfort zone and dare to achieve the positive ‘You’ in order to realize your life purpose, and attain the life of your dreams, one that binds achievement and fulfillment into one powerful force: Your authentic life. It is also true, it takes real POWER and a commitment to transformational change that feels manageable in order to discover how Not to wait and embark on your own soul journey. This approach will also call for you to invest in your ‘Self’, start the process of a brand new life of fulfillment and prosperity (your life purpose) as a manifestation of your positive self-image.  

Why would you want to invest in your 'Self'? Investing in your 'Self' is about exercising your commitment to eliminate barriers that prevent you from looking at the component parts of your life, putting them into a clearly-laid-out plan and taking smart actions for the positive ‘You’. It also means a continual assessment of self-improvement, and that process weeds out what does not serve your core values. Acting from your core values, you will achieve stability, balance and the ability to respond positively to events beyond your control. With your core values and life purpose by your side, you will have a solid point of reference to make the right decisions. You remain committed to being the positive person you want to be, and keep moving in a straight line to what you want the most.
It is also a call for you to move from contemplation to purposeful action, from fearful thinking to embracing confidence and from lack of focus to an inspired state of mind. No Excuse! Give it a go with P.R.I.D.E (Personal Responsibility in Delivering Excellence) in order to focus on overcoming your inner obstacles and ACHIEVE a ‘Positive You’. However, you have two options:

  1. You can just TALK about it.
  2. Or, you can simply POWER UP your performance and COMMIT to a ‘Positive You’ by ACTIVELY choosing to find the strength and courage to Re-build a structure that honors moving your purpose in your life forward and get the extra boost you need to create positive changes in your life.

What will you choose? I trust you will listen to your longing, recognize that you belong within a great embrace that urges you to make the transformational changes and assure your life is one in which you can choose to be the ‘Positive You’. This is the perfect time to find courage to seek help and recommit to your goals and plans.  Achieving your dreams and Living the life you want, ‘Your Life Purpose’. <Read More>

Life Purpose - Living the life you want!

Written By: Windsor Lindor © 2018

Windsor Lindor