Our Choices

  • Are we silently slipping into a life of failed dreams and expectations?

Some of us seem to have given up on ever reaching our personal goals. Perhaps some of us see the absence of what we truly want and are waiting for an external force to tell us what to do. Perhaps, we are not setting any goals at all and merely "existing". We believe that achieving our goals is impossible and so we are resigned to whatever life seems to hand us. When we cut away all the junk, the choices are ours to make between interest and commitment. When we are interested in doing something, we do it only when circumstances permit. When we are committed to something and firmly convinced of what we believe, we approach our life from a place of certainty, certitude, assurance, confidence, sureness and no shadow of a doubt. We don't wonder whether or not we will take purposeful action to achieve our goals. We accept no excuses, only results. However, our beliefs will make every effort to justify our reasons for not proceeding with placing a personal commitment to attain the success we seek.

  • Haven't you suffered enough?
  • Why would we want to remove conflicts that prevent us from bringing to the surface our nobler parts and life's rich abundance that is so often invisible?

Everything we will ever BE, DO or HAVE in life comes down to 3 simple variables all of which are within our complete control; our Core VALUES, our VISIONS and the ROLES we play to LIVE our Values and ACHIEVE our Visions. However, if we don't choose to make a move, sooner or later life makes a move on us. There is no mystery to attain a life of far greater SUCCESS and infinite possibilities. The powerful juice of achieving the SUCCESS we desire is to accept 100% responsibility for our life and take purposeful actions. A call for us to recommit to live up to our highest human duty and remove conflicts that prevent us from bringing to the surface our nobler parts.

Our conflicts exist because there are inconsistencies in what we believe, the way we think, and ultimately in our behavior. It is these conflicts with excuses that confuse us and keep us from becoming the mental architect of our own transformation and experiencing the kind the success we want. When the conflicts and excuses are gone, we feel whole. It is a healing process that will allow us to reach our wholeness or nobler part. There, we learn who we are and how we fit into this world. This will also be a call for us to stop paying lip-service to our commitment and get the help we need to create a plan with SMART goals with a systematic approach that will help us map out a course for the life we want. We will also be called to live a life that is authentically ours and reclaim our power to take 100% responsibility for our life through excellence in action.

  • When will we choose the capacity to know what we truly want, and the determination to stand by that desire until we realize it?

Any day we wish, we can start the process of becoming the architect of our personal transformation, we can do it this week, or sometime next year. We can also do nothing because we feel that we cannot afford to invest in ourselves. We can pretend rather than find the trust to get started in creating a new way of filling our mind with the freedom of thought and expansion of perspective. The choices are ours to make. We can also choose to be frustrated by what we believe has been lost, and feel pained and sad about it.  True, we are affected by circumstances which can seem to be completely out of our control. Essentially, we decide the direction in which we walk and are constantly making choices, constantly creating new experiences. Our life is made up of a single moment. The moment in which we can choose to become the mental architect of our own personal transformation. The moment in which we can choose to free our mind from the traps of our limited beliefs, starting today.  When will we choose to create the bricks and mortar of the life we want using the infinite possibilities of Commitment and hit the "reset" button on our life rather than continue to put up with the STATUS QUO?

The choices are ours to make. Dare to choose the tools we need to maintain a desire to step into the infinite possibilities of our life through excellence in action, not only will this help us achieve our success, it will bring to the surface life’s rich abundance. The challenge with excellence in action is that we will need to renew our Commitment, find the trust and the courage to see the absence of what we truly want in our performance and take a CONCLUSIVE ACTION to bring about what we truly want (intentionally and immediately) with deeper and clearer values.

Yes, we can. Yes, we can step forward, commit to get the tools we need to replace Certain Habits and Limiting Beliefs with things that are more Conducive to 'Our Success'. Whether we call it mentoring, training or coaching, I believe we will be well on our way to the success we desire. It's also like saying: "We are worth it and it is our time to live a life of happiness, Satisfaction and Significance. It is our time to earn more money, live free from worry, uncertainty and doubt." This choice will require us to stop the course we are now, step out of our comfort zone and get the tools we need to attain the success we seek. The choices are ours to make.

Written By: Windsor Lindor © 2017