Living Purposefully


Our performance appears to be one continuous stream of actions, reactions, situations and conditions. It is almost impossible to step aside and see what we need to do differently to immediately produce better results and live purposefully. Personally, my face is set. My bearing is fast.  My road is focused. My way is excellence in action. My companions are few. My guide is reliable. As a result I cannot be procured, compromised, detoured, lured away, turned back, watered down, or delayed. I will not give up, shut up, let up, or slow up.  I will not flinch in the face of sacrifice, hesitate in the presence of adversity, negotiate at the table of the enemy, ponder at the pool of popularity, or meander in a maze of mediocrity. My mission is clear. It IS my values in ACTION.  My goals are to complete the process to becoming the mental architect of my own personal transformation and being in alignment with my true destiny and living purposefully in the theater of life.  

There we are. There’s no escaping it. Our world is a reflection of us and if the view in our mirror does not elicit a certain spark perhaps it is time to question the underlying assumptions. What is it we are waiting for to begin sifting through all the nonsense we were taught? The clock is ticking. Do we hear it? Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock. Tick.  Time IS of the essence to get started in finding the trust to invest in ourselves and do the work that will change our life to one in which we can live a more loving, prosperous, abundant and balanced life. Why?  Living purposefully is accomplished when thoughtful attention, goal setting and purposeful action click into position. It is also true, without the commitment, discipline and FOCUS to working toward attaining our personal MISSION, we will always be struggling against something.

Some people may miss a key ingredient to experiencing living purposefully. They may spend years of their life only to find at the end that they have done the wrong things. They have wandered and drifted, accomplishing nothing. Think about it! Successful men/women take the time to become the mental architect of their own personal transformation, understand their life's mission (life purpose) and determine what they're here to do. They then engage that role purposefully with passion and enthusiasm. We will also find that they have identified exactly what was holding them back and ELIMINATED the root-cause by choosing to remove conflicts that prevented them from becoming the mental architect of their own personal transformation.

Conflicts exist because there are inconsistencies in what we believe, the way we think and ultimately in our behavior. It is these conflicts with excuses that confuse us and keep us from having a major insight into our life’s mission in order to live purposefully. When the conflicts and excuses are gone, we feel whole. It is a healing process that will allow us to reach our wholeness or nobler part.  Here’s the deal: If we look in our life to the times when we have been given opportunities that would help us make dramatic transformational changes and create massive results—we probably have used a “playing it safe” excuse and “reasons” like, "We can’t afford it." "We don’t have the time." "We are not sure it will work for us." "We can do this on our own." Do not build our beliefs as our Prison. That is, if beliefs cannot stand up to scrutiny--if they cannot be questioned for fear that we will be "punished", I ask that we question the godliness of those beliefs. Dare to know living purposefully takes more than words and belief. It requires the raw personal COMMITMENT to:

  • Live a life that is orchestrated by our integrated mature spirit.
  • Discover the steps necessary to shift limiting beliefs in order to remove conflicts that prevent us from becoming the mental architect of our own personal transformation.
  • ACTIVELY choose to find the strength and courage to invest in improving the quality of our own life.

There is nothing more important than investing in improving the quality of our own life and discovering an effective approach to becoming the mental architect of our own personal transformation.  Not only will this help us live purposefully, it will bring to the surface life’s rich abundance that is so often invisible to us.   We deserve the best. The question remains, what would it take for us to win the war that is raging inside our mind and begin to live life purposefully?
No matter what our answer is, this one thing is for sure, this is our life in this earth's life system and if we wonder why we are struggling to live a life purposefully, I am certain it is because we are not committed to get the tools we need to lay claim our right to create new conditions, embrace the meaning and purpose, the mystery and the beauty of our life.  We also do not have a tangible written plan with SMART goals, pointing us forward in becoming the mental architect of our own personal transformation.  
I believe living purposefully will allow us to find limitless possibilities. There, we will need to become Undaunted, Eager, Proactive, Adventurous and Action-oriented. Actions that will propel us on the path to doing the work that needs to be done in order to take responsibility for the authorship of our own life and become the mental architect of our own personal transformation.  We will achieve an altered state of mind where we can seize every opportunity and understand how to make a permanent connection with the highest level of energy hidden within us, living purposefully.

  • Do we ever get the feeling we are not quite living life to the fullest?
  • Are we trying to predict what is going to happen?
  • Are we simply living life as we know it and extending it to tomorrow, next week, next month and next year?

Now, think back to this moment last year. We had the gift of 365 days to live the life of our dreams purposefully. Did we? If not, why not?  A call to live life purposefully by not succumb to rationalizing our failure to complete your priorities; ABSOLUTE DETERMINATION and developing the characteristics of becoming the mental architect of our own personal transformation and having a brand new life.

 A new starting point to expect more and execute better in order to live the life you want.


Written By: Windsor Lindor © 2017