Reach Beyond Our Challenging Times


In the midst of our internal shifts on the dance floor of life, we are reminded to reconnect and refresh our sagging spirit, be free, depart from the norm and live up to the true promise of our life.  In the midst of riding the waves of ‘intense transitional time’, we are called to reach beyond our challenging times to look into the mirror of our spirit, and accept the call to be responsible and creative rather than reactive.
Time for us to embrace the greatness that exists in each one of us and leap off that high dive, though the voices inside us say no. Do not look back. It is finally our turn to leave the ghost of yesterday behind and open the door to a whole new world. Every day is our time, our moment and our reason to transform our life through courage, commitment and resolve. I believe, this is not an optional existence. It is the only way to reach beyond our challenging times. It is not always easy. However, we can do it if we commit to take bold actions. Actions that propel us on the path to doing the work that needs to be done in order to:

  1. Turn off all the made-up beliefs, explanations given to us consciously or unconsciously.
  2. Take responsibility for the authorship of our own life and find out our own individual path and purpose.
  3. Maintain true correspondence with the features of emotional Intelligence, turn obstacles to opportunities and reach beyond our challenging times.

The questions remain, when will we stop wallowing in what’s held us back and change our old ways of thinking? What will it take for us to reach beyond our challenging times and establish the ideal standards and outcomes for how we want to live?  This is the time for us to find the courage to be fearless, shed what’s safe and predictable in order to find the ‘things’ that give clarity to our life. The ‘things’ that we literally need in our life to be true to ourselves as we are reaching beyond our challenging times.  These ‘things’ are listed as our core values and they are principles or qualities intrinsically valuable or desirable to us. They are our convictions, they are supported by our beliefs and our ethics rolled into one. They are our best guide to what will make us the happiest—leading to personal and professional success. That is the moment of a valued life and we can reach beyond our challenging times to a life of significance.

When we find ourselves in conflict, with interpersonal difficulties and fear, we may want become clear on what our core values are and live through them, we will stop settling for less than we deserve. Knowing our core values is like having a road map to how we choose to interpret our life experience. Perhaps this is our major contribution to the quality of our life. Our explanations, assumptions and judgments mediate how we relate to reaching beyond our challenging times. With that said, if we feel called to transform our life to one of substance with deeper, clearer values – something with more impact and significance. We feel called to bring to the surface our nobler parts and life’s rich abundance that is so often invisible. But we are not quite sure how to get from here to there, then we absolutely want to find the courage to honor ourselves by taking 100% responsibility for achieving self-empowerment.
Our determination to reach beyond our challenging times to a life of significance is brought about by conscious ATTENTION and INTENTION.  We are also called to discover our true nature as human beings, and be grounded in the characteristics and qualities we value will provide meaning and purpose to our life.  These are the choices of clarity and wisdom and the choices of conscious transformation and excellence. They are the choices that will lead us consciously to authentic power. It is also my sense that in order for all of us to evolve, we need to grow our capacity to include the very real circumstances and reach beyond our challenging times.

Written By: Windsor Lindor © 2018

Transformational Change is Windsor's Business.

Transformational Change is Windsor's Business.


I consider my approach to leadership is to lead at a higher level through transformational change. An approach that motivates others to be/do more than they originally intended and often even more than they thought possible. It allows the achievement of higher performance and the co-creation of “the greater good”.  It also sets more challenging expectations while acting with respect, care and objectivity for the well-being of all involved. ~ Windsor Lindor, Executive-Life Coach