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An unshakable footing that supports the creation of an extraordinary life.

99% of the successful people in the world have a coach or mentor to help them get the most out of life. So, why not you? If you are looking to experience a more prosperous, loving, abundant and fulfilling life, you will want to contact Windsor Lindor for a phone consultation, (831) 324-4653 .

Why Windsor Lindor? Mr. Lindor will make every coaching session all about you and will create a safe environment in which you can identify gaps between where you are and where you need or want to be as the captain of your life.

Mr. Lindor will provide you the mindset and hands-on training as you develop creative capacity, gain confidence and acquire the necessary skills to break through your barriers to a fulfilling lifestyle. He will ask for more intentional thought, action and behavior changes than you would have asked of yourself.

Windsor Lindor, ELC

Windsor Lindor, ELC

Windsor Lindor will lead you through applying the Success and Transformational and Leadership Development Coaching Principles to break through to your success. He will help you craft a clear life plan that corresponds to setting and achieving proactive, powerful goals. You will also receive:

  1. 2-4 one-hour coaching sessions per month

  2. 2-3 e-Mails correspondence a month as a follow-up in between calls personally with Windsor.

  3. Coaching tools to practice and exercises with a leadership workbook that will support you to attain the results you want.

As your personal coach, Windsor Lindor will also guide you to unlock your full potential by:

  1. Preparing for change in your life.

  2. Gaining clarity in your purpose.

  3. Becoming a more effective leader and stress resilient.

  4. Igniting passion in your relationship.

Windsor’s clients include entrepreneurs, leaders, managers, CEOs and top executives of organizations ranging from Fortune 500 companies to startups and non-profits.

Windsor Lindor is looking forward to working with magnificent YOU and leading you to maximize your Potential and become a healthier, happier, peak performer.

Previous clients often express that after experiencing Windsor’s exclusive leadership and personal development method they have gained phenomenal confidence to:

  1. Gain a brand-new life of fulfillment, prosperity, abundance, balance and harmony by creating a successful business/life plan and creating effective strategies for success.

  2. Get things done using directive styles of leadership, develop critical approaches and consult their organization by improving their systemic thinking.

  3. Engage in a continuous daily process of self-measurement, self-evaluation and self-improvement as they improve their emotional intelligence, their productivity and create an extraordinary life.

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