Why Windsor Lindor?


Windsor's coaching program is designed to help you produce extraordinary results in your life, bringing 'Intelligence to your Body and Mind'. As a coaching client and at your own pace, you will progressively work through the coaching program to attain the results you want. The coaching program offers a series of tools that will help you to eliminate the dysfunctional thought patterns and free your 'Self' from constantly re-experiencing the emotional pain from the past.

Windsor's coaching tools will also STRETCH your ability to keep exploring and be willing to restore balance and vitality in your life. You will also be inspired to create S.M.A.R.T. goals and take bold action. Action that propels you down the path to transforming yourself for success. Windsor is completely confidential. He does not talk about his clients to anyone. He protects everything his clients tell him. Windsor is committed to guide his clients toward their desired goals quickly and easily and he is dedicated to saving them the stress of trying to doing it alone.

Windsor Lindor constructs an unshakable footing that supports the creation of an extraordinary life. He is looking forward to working with magnificent YOU and leading you to maximize your Potential and become a healthier, happier, peak performer.  Mr. Lindor will empower and give you answers that are lasting enough so that when crisis descends and  he will also provide the coaching tools for you to:

  1. Master in the art of self-disclosure, create something that gives you purpose and meaning.
  2. Build on your core values, and hone your leadership capabilities and help you to locate suppressed emotional charges from childhood and release them.
  3. Appreciate your humanness, boost your self-esteem, improve your ability to climb through adversity and gain enthusiasm for life.

His emphasis is on helping his clients to have a greater chance at:

  1. Earning more money, become stress resilient and be healthier.
  2. Handling setbacks with greater ease and becoming confident.
  3. Living a life of fulfillment and with a heart at peace.

Windsor Lindor's Coaching Clients' needs come first.  Windsor works only with clients who can utilize his services. While the motivations to hire Windsor as a personal life coach or an executive-life coach are varied and unique to each coaching client, some of your reasons may include:

  1. Creating a game plan for achieving the life you want, finding your life purpose (discovering 'Your What'), optimizing your motivation, meaning and inner fulfillment.
  2. Navigating through the ups and downs of your business to attain success and creating abundance.
  3. Improving and maintaining good loving relationships and more.

The takeaway from this page is hopefully that you will begin understand how effective and life altering it can be to hire Windsor as your personal Life Coach. Without this kind of outside motivation and assistance you may never reach the levels of success in life that deep down you know you are worth. 99% of the successful people in the world have a coach or mentor to help them get the most out of life.  So, why not you?  If you are looking to experience a more prosperous, loving, abundant and fulfilling life, you will want to contact Windsor.  He offers a complimentary (FREE) Consultation session. It will empower you to know how Windsor can help you draft the blueprint for your leadership development and a brand new life (A Life Worth Living) through the Life Expansion - Purpose Driven Coaching program.

87% of Windsor's new business comes from referrals. There is no higher tribute a client can give than to refer a friend or colleague. He is dedicated to getting you great results and believes that is the best marketing he could possibly do.

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