The road to Success can be thrilling to watch it take form. However, do not let Fear, Indecision, Procrastination and their cousins be in our way.  Yes, it can be difficult, but not impossible.  A call for us to find the confidence, courage and commitment to let go of fear to be truly Committed and Tenacious towards our life. I am certain we will agree, we choose this Life. Thus, it is our responsibility to become the humans who choose to live life fully with a commitment NOT to be asleep to our responsibility. We choose this life, no matter how long and complex our life may be, it is our responsibility not to be afraid to find out what we need to do differently to attain the success we desire in life.


A call for us to deliberately take 100% responsibility by making changes in our life that will positively affect the health of both of our physical and internal well-being. In addition, when we make these kinds of transformational changes, we are tapping into our own personal power in a way no one else can. We also have to take the position that we have always had the power to be functional and successful human beings. It is also a call for us to deliberately commit to a cause that evokes our passion and our responsibility to seek the kind of growth that will support true fulfillment. If we permit the sparks of responsibility to flicker and burn out, there is no way to drop the weight of useless ready-made roles and routines which then set the frame of our possibilities. However, fan the sparks of responsibility into flaming passion and we will, over TIME, bring all of the elements of our wellness together to create our overall success.

Think about it, successful people are individuals who have taken 100% responsibility for their lives and ACTIVELY choose to find the courage to rejuvenate their life and accomplish all that they can be. Our true essence is waiting for us to open our eyes and accept its call by quieting our mind, taking 100% responsibility for our life and uncovering the hidden blocks to our growth and success. That is, we must give up all of our excuses, victim stories, all our blaming of outside circumstances and we have to give them all up, forever.

Our life. Our choice. We are invited to purposefully make our life without limitations and to trust that there is something beyond what we already know. Every day is our time and the opportunity for us to take 100% responsibility for our life and do the work that needs to be done in order to live a life of substance with clearer values, moving us toward emotional intelligence and the success we have always wanted for our personal development. Breaking through to our success on purpose… <Read more>


Written By: Windsor Lindor


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