Life Development Program

The Life Development program is a new brand of working intelligence. It provides the keys to the most precious of destinations; your authentic 'Self', fulfillment, prosperity, abundance, balance, prosperity, emotional intelligence and harmony to your life and relationships. The program is designed from three major sciences: cognitive psychology, psychoneuroimmunology and neurophysiology. It embodies two essential components of any practical concept---scientific theory and real-world/practical application. Through the Life Development program we offer the following services:

  1. Life Purpose ('Your What') - Help you to figure out, 'Your What'… More →

  2. Creating Abundance - Create effective strategies for success… More →

  3. Emotional Intelligence - Engage your emotional wisdom... More →

  4. Fulfilling Relationships - Create relationships that are aligned with your desires… More →

  5. Becoming Stress Resilient - Gain a sense of inner peace… More →

  6. Approach to Forgiveness - Experience true, heart-felt forgiveness…More →

  7. Effective Governance Framework - Transformative Governance Management… More →

Transformational Change - Being Fearless

The Life Development Program and its services start with a FREE Consultation. Through the program, you will have the unique opportunity to:

  1. Develop key habits for continuing success.

  2. Discover what your unique/true purpose is and live up to the true promise of your life.

  3. Re-build a structure that honors moving your purpose in your life forward.

  4. Break through your barriers to creating a Winner's Mindset.

  5. Develop Emotional Intelligence and experience true success and fulfilled relationships.


Our program is done in a fun, interactive and co-active atmosphere, the attendees will experience fun, relaxed, but dynamic and informative sessions as they learn the steps necessary to unlock their full potential for supporting life-long happiness.

The Life Development program works. In fact... We GUARANTEE it! It provides you with incredible tools for life development and organizational change.

Windsor Lindor offers an hourly rate or a flat fee for his services. He also knows, creating an EMPOWERING ROLE for yourself in your business—one that will make you fully responsible for gaining a clear business/life plan, achieving your success, goal or aspiration—you will remain powerless, on the outside looking in. That is why, he offers a complimentary (FREE) consultation.