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The workbook has the tools you need to pave the way towards a systematic plan of action (a clear life plan) for changing your life to one in which you can achieve the life you want. The exercises in the workbook will help you to start the process in:

  1. Eliminating the things that are preventing you to be receptive to your success.

  2. Experiencing and achieving the results you desire by providing you the tools and exercises you need to plan life goals and be successful.

    You will also receive a leadership journal workbook with 'Goals Plan Data Worksheet’. Get this deeply affecting guide to gain a clear life plan and the life you want in your inbox from our secured site. The coaching exercises and tools will help you create a clear life plan and the success you want, in business and life. ‘Gain

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About Author - Windsor brings more than 20 years of experience in management and consulting. He is a nationally-acclaimed Executive-Life Coach, Project Manager and Business Consultant. His passion is helping executives and entrepreneurs create the skills they need to navigate through the ups and downs of their business to attain success in the end. He also provides the mindset and hands-on training needed in high impact entrepreneurship to his clients as they develop creative capacity, gain entrepreneurial confidence and acquire the necessary skills to break through their barriers to an abundant lifestyle by:

  1. Identifying and successfully evaluating business opportunities

  2. Learning business model development to create a working foundation for their company.

  3. Gaining a successful business/life plan and creating effective strategies for success.