Coffee In Conversation about Fulfilling Relationship - If you're looking to have successful, enduring and alive relationships, you'll want to join us for coffee/tea and be part of this guided discussion about fulfilling relationship and it is FREEWhen: Dec 9, 2017 @ 10:00 AM (PST) - Where: The Press Club, Seaside, California

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Fulfilling Relationships

Soulful Love - Unconditional openness which abides at the very core of our nature.  Love is our 'soul' and it serves to maintain us in the readiness to join this other person in all his/her possible 'unfoldings'. ~ Windsor Lindor

The Path to Healing Relationships.

  • Is it highly important for you to connect emotionally in your relationship?
  • Would you like to feel fully connected with your partner?
  • Would you like to grow creatively as independent individuals at the same time that you grow closer together in intimacy?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, at no financial obligation to you click <Here> to request a free consultation and learn more about what it will take for you to receive the tools you need to overcome the roadblocks that have detoured you from deeper relationships in order to create relationships in your life that are aligned with your purpose and desires.

The Path to Healing Relationships is a process of learning to trust again. To experience greater love and have successful, enduring and alive relationships, you need to free yourself from constantly re-experiencing the emotional pain from the past, bring understanding and healing to the wounded parts of you that often sabotage relationships.

  • Do you have the sense of purpose and the optimistic ATTITUDE necessary to move your Relationship Goals off your head and into your life?
  • Do you have the relationship skills that will end conflict and restore love in your relationship?

Re-rebuilding a structure that honors Soulful Love.

Throughout the ‘Path to Healing Relationships’ process, you will learn to deal with the core issue of the fear of intimacy. You will also learn love exists as a universal quality, outside yourself that can never be defeated and about the depth of vulnerability and how you need to be attentive to that space whenever you form a partnership or go into intimacy. With a new sensitivity you will approach each other with awareness and respect and to create relationships that create trust as well as love.

Becoming more permeable and receptive to Soulful Love.

Request a FREE Consultation <Here>, if you have had enough of the way things have been for your relationships and you are committed to receive the tools you need to bring understanding and healing to the wounded parts of 'you' that often sabotage your relationships and get back on the road to attaining the relationship of your dreams; a relationship that binds true love and fulfillment into one powerful force.

Be Extraordinary.

The Path to Healing Relationships
Date: Sunday, February 11, 2018 at 1 PM
Where: 365 W. 6th St, San Pedro, CA, 90731

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Eventbrite -  The Path to Healing Relationships

Why Windsor? Windsor will show you how you can build on your values and help you to heal the negative emotions that are responsible for your problematic relationships.