Transformational Change
is Windsor's Business.
A way that leads to living
a more loving,
prosperous, abundant
and balanced life.
Windsor Lindor
Windsor provides coaching that inspires and guides committed people to create a rewarding life experience. Mr. Lindor does this through a strengths-based, future-oriented process, the new therapeutic model of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy...
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My name is Windsor Lindor. I am a nationally-acclaimed Life Coach, Executive Coach and Project Manager.
Being who I am and doing what
I do allow me to live a life of
gratitude, purpose, and
excellence as I empower adults
to live their dreams by providing
them powerful tools that help
them to reach their full potential.

A process that will remove
conflicts that prevent them from
becoming the person they were
created to be and bring to the
surface their nobler parts and
life's rich abundance that is so
often invisible.  

As I go through this process
with the clients, I will look to
help them to move away from
negative patterns and toward
the intimacy, purpose and
direction they have always
wanted with the major areas of
their lives.

    ~ Windsor Lindor
Purpose Driven Coaching Contact
Life Expansion-Purpose Driven Coaching is transformational change. Have a major insight into our personal and business development plans for the future and break through to our success on purpose.
    As your personal life coach, Windsor Lindor will consistently attend to both the being and the doing of your hopes and
    dreams. Mr. Lindor approaches his work from an optimistic and positive spirit. It is designed to help you as his client to
    realize that you are always at choice and you are never really trapped. There are always new options and ways that you can
    proceed and create a sustainable process, which includes "accountability structures". Next step is to raise your awareness.
    You (the coaching client) will experiment, recognize patterns and explore.

    At the end of a each session, there's greater awareness, some action practiced, a discussion of what's been meaningful to
    you as the client and some intentions listed. He calls it "homework". It is usually self-generated or something that he picks
    up on that you two co-create. Mr. Lindor will ask powerful questions.

    The questions are designed to expand your thinking about what options you
    have. Mr. Lindor places a lot of emphasis on being and doing - not just action

    Windsor will empower you to achieve the consistent results you demand in
    business and/or personal life. Mr. Lindor does this through heart-centered
    personal engagement, a strengths-based, future-oriented process (Co-Active
    Model (Fulfillment, Balance and Process)), in concert with the new therapeutic
    model of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), the Coaching Client's
    values and the Life Expansion Code of Values:

  • Accountability, Authenticity, Ownership,
  • Integrity, Transparency, Safety,
  • Commitment, Communication, Excellence,
  • Consistency, Balance, Respect and the Spirit of Generosity.

    During this world-class "life mastery" program, Windsor will lead you through
    applying the Success and Transformational Change Principles to generate
    unbelievable results in your life.

    The program will also help you to a life of substance with clearer values, move
    you toward emotional intelligence and the success you have always wanted for
    your personal development. This phenomenal coaching program will inspire you
    to produce extraordinary results in your life.

    Fill out our Complimentary Consultation Form so that we may schedule your free consultation. It will empower you to know
    how Windsor can help you draft the blueprint for the successful life that you deserve and request for new payment options
    that will fit your budget. No payment is required to schedule your consultation.

    Windsor offers three to four sessions per month. Windsor works with up to two special clients who need the his services
    yet cannot pay full fare. Windsor is in business, yet he recognizes helping others is a way to show his gratitude. His client's
    needs come first. Windsor does not keep clients he cannot do a great job for. He walks his talk. He maintains high scores
    (over 90th percentile) on related programs. He asks his clients to grow as he does.

    Mr. Lindor will also provide you the tools to accelerate the ability to make choices about your thoughts and subsequently to
    make changes in your life that will positively affect your well-being. While the Law of Attraction does have its power, there
    are also activities that must occur in the physical world for desires to be realized. If your dreams are to be fulfilled, you must
    have a plan and S.M.A.R.T goals that will allow you to make your dreams real. Your plan is your 'Pathway to Power'.

    You, the coaching client and Windsor, the Life Coach will work together as a team in an open and honest way, designing an
    alliance, gaining clarity on specific challenges you are facing, helping you make decisions. If you are stuck in a certain mindset
    about something you are facing, Windsor Lindor will re-frame that, challenge you to come up with five or six other
    perspectives. Windsor will use different methods, including the physical piece of things and metaphors, to expand
    perspectives and get you out of a stuck position.

    Windsor will help you to see a much larger picture, one where you are living an expanded version of your 'Self' that you had
    only previously dreamed of. Mr. Lindor can actually help you to construct and pave the way towards creating Fulfilling
    Relationships and Restore vitality in your life.

    The results of Your coaching experience with Windsor will be much longer-lasting than therapy, classes, books, religion,
    workshops or counseling sessions, because the results are drawn from Your core and structured from Your beliefs, dreams
    and desires.  Windsor Lindor's coaching clients love that his work is results oriented. Windsor Lindor is committed in
    particular to endeavour, motivate and facilitate clients to achieve their true potential and bring positive change through the
    setting and achieving of self-defined goals... <Read more>

    Previous clients often express that after this exclusive method they have gained phenomenal confidence and a deep relaxed
    approach to events that would otherwise trigger a negative 'state', allowing them to move forward without limiting beliefs,
    Stress or anxiety. The results of Your coaching experience with Windsor will be much longer-lasting than therapy, classes,
    books, religion, workshops or counseling sessions, because the results are drawn from Your core and structured from Your
    beliefs, dreams and desires.

    Your life coaching relationship is a safe place - Windsor is so looking forward to working with magnificent YOU!
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Windsor Lindor

Windsor Lindor, Life Coach