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Transformational Change
is Windsor's Business.
A way that leads to living
a more loving,
prosperous, abundant
and balanced life.
My name is Windsor Lindor. I am a nationally-acclaimed Life Coach, Executive Coach and Project Manager.
Windsor Lindor
Windsor provides coaching that inspires and guides committed people to create a rewarding life experience. Mr. Lindor does this through a strengths-based, future-oriented process, the new therapeutic model of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy...
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Windsor Lindor Life Coach does not include medical advice and is not intended to be a substitute for medical advice.
Contact Your doctor if you feel you need medical advice or treatment.  Fees and Services Subject to Change without Notice.
Windsor Values Your Privacy
Purpose Driven Coaching Contact
    Life Expansion - Purpose Driven Coaching Services  and program

    Life Expansion -Purpose Driven Coaching Services offer a series of world-class "life mastery" transformational coaching
    programs. Windsor will lead you through applying the Success and Transformational Change Principles to generate
    unbelievable results in your life.

    The program will also help you to a life of substance with clearer values, move you toward emotional intelligence and the
    success you have always wanted for your personal development.

    As a first step with you as a coaching client, Windsor will give you a questionnaire designed to introduce yourself to him in
    terms of the things you value, the peak experiences you have had - a variety of things in your background that you would
    like to bring to the coaching table.

    The coaching services hold the promise of ensuring the success of the road-maps / mind-maps that enable better goal
    setting for a more fulfilling life and a renewed sense of balance. The following list depicts Life Expansion - Purpose Driven
    Coaching Services:

  • Complimentary Consultation - Empowers you to know how Windsor can help you draft the blueprint for the
    successful life that you deserve. Click <Here> to learn more. No payment is required to schedule your consultation.

  • Life Mapping On Purpose - Supports the break through to success tools that will enable better goal setting for a
    more fulfilling life. The tools are filled with workable methods, not abstract theories.  This service will help you to mind-
    map your life purpose. This is done through IMAGINATION, CLARIFICATION, EVALUATION and DETERMINATION.
    Click <Here> to learn more about the 'Breakthrough to Your Success on Purpose Coaching Program'.

  • Emotional Intelligence - Provides the tools to create a fulfilling loving relationship, live a more prosperous,
    abundant and cultivate balance among all aspects of your life. These coaching tools will help you to function
    cohesively, and to manage inevitable challenges with interventions. Click <Here> to learn more.

  • Purpose Driven Coaching Audio - The series is designed for individuals who want to start the process of  
    transformational change and breakthrough to their success on purpose. Click <Here> to learn more.

    Life Expansion - Purpose Driven Coaching program is forward-moving and future-focused and Windsor Lindor will work with
    you-the coaching client through a safe and powerfully rich learning environment and help focus your energies to obtain a
    clear vision of what is needed to achieve your goals.

    Windsor Lindor works with individuals to deepen an awareness of the vital traits that are required to move ahead. Windsor
    employs assessments, discussion, questions and practices to assist you as a coaching client in reaching your objectives.

    The program is designed to improve performance and enhance relationships. Using coaching and leadership skills, Windsor
    will also support you-the coaching client in creating a plan of action, break through any obstacles and achieve your desired

    The work practice is based on the Co-Active Model (Fulfillment, Balance and Process), a strengths- based, future-oriented
    process, in concert with the new therapeutic model of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), the Coaching Client's
    values and the Life Expansion Code of Values:

  • Accountability, Authenticity, Ownership,
  • Integrity, Transparency, Safety,
  • Commitment, Communication, Excellence,
  • Consistency, Balance, Respect and the Spirit of Generosity.

    Click <Here> to qualify for a Free 2 hour coaching services.

    Windsor is so looking forward to working with magnificent YOU!

Life Expansion-Purpose Driven Coaching is transformational change. Have a major insight into our personal and business development plans for the future and break through to our success on purpose. www.windsorlindor.com