Transformational Change
is Windsor's Business.
A way that leads to living
a more loving,
prosperous, abundant
and balanced life.
My name is Windsor Lindor. I am a nationally-acclaimed Life Coach, Executive Coach and Project Manager.
Windsor Lindor
Windsor provides coaching that inspires and guides committed people to create a rewarding life experience. Mr. Lindor does this through a strengths-based, future-oriented process, the new therapeutic model of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy...
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Windsor Lindor Life Coach does not include medical advice and is not intended to be a substitute for medical advice.
Contact Your doctor if you feel you need medical advice or treatment.  Fees and Services Subject to Change without Notice.
Windsor Values Your Privacy
    Windsor Lindor Consulting's TeleSeminars, Workshops, Seminars and Retreats
    (Events) are designed from a 'collaborative and mentoring culture' approach that
    provides the attendees an entry point in  reclaiming their power to choose what they
    want their lives to be.

    This approach helps the attendees to start the process on achieving a life that more
    closely reflects who they really are or want to be.  

    They are done in a fun, interactive and co-active atmosphere, the attendees will
    experience fun, relaxed, but dynamic and informative sessions as they learn the
    steps necessary to shift limiting beliefs and get meaning  into their life and making it
    matter. The events represent the best value in training and personal development.

    Windsor's GUARANTEE it!

    These events are lead by Windsor Lindor through experiential and adventure-based
    training in: Emotional Intelligence, Goal-setting, Stress Management, Leadership
    Skills, Life Balance, Powerful Choice-making, Life Purpose, Creating Fulfilling
    Relationships, Declaring Your Personal Independence and coaching and mentoring.

    According to Windsor's customers, the program's  events  have been incredibly  
    effective  at showing people their individual  authentic power to rise above  fear and
    to  have a positive attitude to encounter their day and to seek all  that they want by
    creating  love,  balance and harmony in their lives and  relationships.
    Some of the reasons to attend Windsor's events:  

  • To eliminate the distractions and diversions that have been  keeping you from
  • To discover about mental self-care that inspires you to take immediate action.
  • To experience a deeper connection to the core or essence of your well-being.
  • To become stress resilient.
  • To discover an effective approach to making conscious decisions, those that
    will lead you toward getting what they want out of life.
  • To resolve your emotional baggage that you have been carrying around for
  • To co-create in harmony and develop a new path of full creative expression.  

"Windsor Lindor has helped me in countless ways to overcome fear, reduce stress,
increase joy, enhance focus on life purpose, setting goals, and taking positive action.
Windsor is an inspiring and compassionate human being with a spiritual view of the
world." Karen Tenney
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Life Expansion-Purpose Driven Coaching is transformational change. Have a major insight into our personal and business development plans for the future and break through to our success on purpose.
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