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Windsor Lindor
Windsor provides coaching that inspires and guides committed people to create a rewarding life experience. Mr. Lindor does this through a strengths-based, future-oriented process, the new therapeutic model of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy...
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Windsor Lindor Life Coach does not include medical advice and is not intended to be a substitute for medical advice.
Contact Your doctor if you feel you need medical advice or treatment.  Fees and Services Subject to Change without Notice.
    When you hire Windsor as your personal coach, you will progressively work through his programs at your own
    pace to free your mind from heavy emotions, old wounds and heal what blocks your growth in order for you to
    become all that you are meant to be.

    Windsor will concentrate on you to assist you to achieve your greatest dreams and goals by what you claim are
    your values. Through his coaching, you will have a greater clarity of your mission, values and purpose.

    As a coaching client and at your own pace, you will progressively work through the programs to:
  • Have a major insight into your purpose and a personal development plan for the future.
  • Free your mind from heavy emotions, old wounds and the personal imprisonment of your bad habits.
  • Raise your emotional intelligence quotient.
  • Eliminate the obstacles that keep you from achieving the success you really want.
  • Heal what blocks your growth, get rid of the self-sabotaging programs and receive the tools you need to be

    During this world-class "life mastery" program, Windsor will lead you through applying the Success and
    Transformational Change Principles to generate unbelievable results in your life. The program will also help you to a
    life of substance with clearer values, move you toward emotional intelligence and the success you have always
    wanted for your personal development. Breakthrough to your success on Purpose... Click <Here> To Learn More.
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    "Windsor has the utmost integrity. He is results-oriented, honest, a great listener and is committed to seeing a
    person get results that ultimately help them..." Michele Reese
Life Expansion-Purpose Driven Coaching is transformational change. Have a major insight into our personal and business development plans for the future and break through to our success on purpose.